Foz do Arelho (day 11)

Day 11 – Sunday, 30.9.2012
In the morning we didn’t do anything special, just ordinary things. But today we cooked some lunch a bit early so we were able to catch the bus at 13:10 to Foz do Arelho. There is where the beach is. =) We were sooooo excited about this, because we all wanted to see the Atlantic ocean as soon as possible, but the previous days we didn’t have much time.
A day before it was quite windy and not so warm because of it, so we had some more clothes on, just in case… And when we came there we were like kids! It was actually very warm and when we saw the sandy beach we had to put our shoes off right away! Gaja and I had long pants on, so we had to roll them up to the knees, and thankfully we had short sleeves so that was ok. =)

My happy feet!

And right away we were amazed by the big waves and the sandy ground and everything was just so fascinating to us! Thought it was a bit windy right at the ocean, so the splashing waves really made the air full of water and salt so just by standing there my shirt became a bit wet and my glasses became so dirty I had to wash them with tap water as soon it was possible.

Gaja looking at the ocean…

Damir even decided to go in the water, but Gaja and I decided to stay on the beach and take some photos. Though we did get our feet a bit wet, we couldn’t resist. =D Later we moved behind the sandy hill to the lagoon of Foz do Arelho, where it was not so windy. Also I noticed there is so many sea shells on the beach that I had to pick them… I’ll try to use them as some sort of decoration for my new room. =)

Damir enjoying the waves…
Happy me jumping! =D
Gaja drawing heart in the sand ❤
Cliffs and waves

Then we went to the beach bar and we met some of the other Erasmus students from our school, so we talked a bit. We even got some information about surf school in Peniche, so we’ll see what we will do about it. =) And yes, when we were on the beach two or three surfers came and we watched them surf. It was the first time that we saw that for real, not on TV or something. It looked so awesome! =D We all wanted to be in their place… =D
Anyway, this day was so awesome! We can’t wait to visit the beach again. =D Maybe this time not by bus, but by bikes, like others from Erasmus exchange did this day. They say the path is ok and it’s doable. We’ll see. =)

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