Kisovec grasslands again

I’ve already posted some photos from this place last year, so this year I returned to take some photos again. Funny, but I had similar weather this time too. Again there were cows, but this time I didn’t approach them. Though there was a surprise visit… In the distance I noticed something small and black walking towards me. Right away I knew that couldn’t be a dog, it was too different. When it walked closer to me I realized it was a small black pig. I think it was Vietnamese pig that actually lives at the nearby cottage. But that really is something unexpected when you’re up in the mountains, more or less in the middle of nowhere. That pig really made me laugh. =)
Other than that, I must say I enjoyed the fresh air, nature and sun. My mom was picking some plants she’ll use for a tea, so I helped her with that, though I don’t have much knowledge about which plant is which and why are they useful. She just shows me what to pick. But hey, it gets the job done. =D

Velika Planina in Summer

With a week delay, here are some photos from my trip to Velika Planina. These are showing nature, typical houses and herdsman village that is full of cows from spring to autumn. It’s really interesting because it’s so different. I imagine it must be really unusual to people that are used living in cities. I can imagine some crazy Japanese tourists that take photos of everything, but this time I didn’t see any so maybe their season is just starting or maybe they don’t know about this not so hidden gem? Who knows. =)
Anyway, this location used to be full of people during any season, then it was empty most of the time, but slowly this is changing and I really hope this place will thrive again. I guess Slovenia is getting more tourists in general so I guess it’s possible. We’ll see. =)

ZOO Ljubljana

I haven’t been to the ZOO in Ljubljana probably for about fifteen years or something like that, so I guess it was about time for visit. I’ve been to some other ZOOs around the Europe until now, so now I have a better perspective on how they look like in other countries, since we like to compare and criticize more or less everything in Slovenia.
Well I have to say that since my last visit there sure have been some changes – most of them positive. Though I really missed some signs where the parrots are, because there were no labels explaining what kind of bird is in the cage. And I missed some direction signs, so it would be easier to orientate.
And there is another thing that bothered me, even though it is not really a fault of ZOO. Kids and their parents – they just don’t know how to behave! And even though there are signs “Do not feed the animals – your food might kill them” on many places, they just don’t care! They keep on feeding them. Especially at the elephant – one kid started to feed it with leaves from nearby bush and other kids saw that and wanted to do it too. And sadly, most parents even helped them do that… Really sad. =/
On the positive side, I must say I really liked the window they put below the water surface, so you can watch the sea lion swim by. Pretty cool. And the show they make when they feed a sea lion is impressive, almost a bit like in a circus, though I know it is not all only to entertain people but to examine the health of the animal as well.
And as always, on top of my favourites were the monkeys. Those funny cute small monkeys that you just want to take back home! They are so funny!
But to me, by far the cutest and most awesome creatures in the ZOO are the suricates (meerkats). I just love them! I could just stand there and watch them the whole day! They are quite new animals at this ZOO and when I was in ZOOs abroad they were always sleeping or something, so I didn’t have this kind of opportunity until now. They were so playful and loving and funny at the same time. I think I probably took about 100 of photos of them, so it was hard to make a small selection to put online.
So here are the animals (not all of them, but just a small selection of photos I took).

First GeoCache found!

My boyfriend was telling me about this “game” called GeoCaching. It is like a treasure hunt with some help of an app. You get coordinates, some tips and description, but you still have some searching to do when you figure out the approximate location.
We tried to find an easy GeoCache close to my home last year, but we had some problems with navigation and we were naive and thought it will be very easy, so we didn’t really try enough and of course we didn’t find anything at that time.

Well this last weekend we decided to take some more time for the search and to take it a bit more seriously.
First we searched for one that we knew approximately where it was, but when we found the actual location we couldn’t find this hidden GeoCache anywhere. We searched for few minutes but then we realized that we would probably have to dig out some dead plants and trees and who knows what. So we gave up. Maybe we’ll return one day now that we know where it was supposed to be.
Anyway, then we went to the one we were looking for last year and it is closest to my home. This one was supposed to be easy, and to be honest, it really wasn’t that hard to find. We just had to move a log and that was it. Anyway, our first GeoCache! We were like two happy kids, just so excited we found some hidden treasure (even though it was full of junk).

And since we were in the mood we tried to find another GeoCache near Grosuplje. Comments about it said it was supposed to be very hard to find, but we were optimistic and full of self-esteem: “We are smart, we can do it!” Well no, we couldn’t. This one has three locations and the first one had a weird tip, like a riddle, and we just didn’t get it… and didn’t find anything at all. So we moved to second location, we were sure we will find this one… We didn’t. We searched for about an hour, checked all the stones and holes (it is hidden in ruins of an old castle) and still no luck. Then we wanted to find the third location, even less luck. We felt so stupid. =D
Anyway, at the end we were walking back to our car I saw a doe about 100m away from us. It started to run in our way into the forest and it suddenly stopped about 20m away. I don’t think I was ever so close to a doe or a deer in my life, at least not in the wilderness. Well I started taking photos when we realized there is another doe standing even closer to us, it was probably there for the whole time and we just didn’t notice it. And then two more started to run this way… crazy! Then they all just ran away and left us wandering what the hell just happened. Totally random but awesome experience. =D

So… just some photos from this GeoCaching sunday… =)