View from Belvedere

This weekend I was at Croatian and Slovenian coast, but I didn’t have time to take a lot of photos. But on my way back home there was time for a short stop on top of the hill above Izola. I was there about the right time, since the sun was just going down and the whole coast was full of light. Too bad visibility wasn’t very good and the hills in the distance weren’t as visible as they are sometimes.
So here are few photos of the view I was able to capture.

Tulips, tulips, tulips

Two weeks ago I’ve been to Arboretum Volčji Potok, because I really wanted to see all the tulips everybody was talking about. It’s a bit shame, since this place is only about five kilometres from where I live, but I haven’t been there for more than ten years. It was about time I re-visit it and see what’s new.
I took a lot of photos, but I decided to post only tulips this time, even though they are not as beautiful as they probably were few days or weeks before. I was thinking about posting those fake real size dinosaurs as well, but on the photos there are so many people around them and so many kids jumping around that I decided I don’t really like any of those. It was so crowded that day…
So I’ll stick to the flower power. =)

Oh and by the way, if you didn’t notice yet, I have a website now, so you can check it out. It still has some problems with the content and there will be some more photos soon, but for now it is what it is.

Šola Idej, Kamnik

Few weeks ago I took some photos in a small gallery Šola Idej, where I had my exhibition last year. I wasn’t sure how the photos will come out, because the whole space is quite white and almost a bit empty. But I was surprised to see the walls full of beautiful and colourful paintings by Slovenian painter Barbara Ravnikar. Now the space looks so much more alive and positive. I like it.
And my website will be up and working soon, so these are the first photos with watermark. =)

Rotovž Caffe in Kamnik

About two weeks ago I took some photos of the second oldest building in Kamnik. It’s from 15th century and it is known as “Seydl house”, because of the first owner Jurlin Seydl. Building is in the old city centre and it is right next to the town hall. It was abandoned for many decades, but about 10 years ago it got new owners that renovated it and brought back it’s former beauty.
On a main ground of the building there is a copy shop, photographer and a bar named “Rotovž Caffe”. On a second story there are some offices and on the floors above there are some apartments. More or less the whole history of the building is written on a wall in a bar, so everyone can read it.
I didn’t have time to publish these photos sooner, so with some delay, here they are now.

My first international exhibition – Pula, Croatia

This time I am not sure if I can put all my thoughts and feelings into words. It is the first time my photos are exhibited outside Slovenia, which is quite a big thing for me. But to make it even more special, this is not just anywhere, my photos are exhibited in city of Pula, Croatia, which is one of my favourite cities. I’ve been there a few times and it amazes me every single time. It is probably because of such rich history and so many old buildings, statues and ruins from Roman times. I love more or less all the art from that era, but I am a bit obsessed with architecture, so the amphitheatre, the arch, temple and all the other stuff around there is like a dream to me. I was thinking and I imagine Pula a bit as a small Rome. I didn’t have a chance to visit Rome yet, but considering the remains from Roman times, I am guessing it must a bit similar.

Anyway, my photos are exhibited in a main tourist information centre on a forum – yes, this is the same place where it used to be an old Roman forum, now it is the main city square. There is still a small temple from those times, so to have my photos surrounded by so much history and on such an important location is really like a dream to me.
And on top of all, two of eleven churches in my photo series were taken in Pula. When I saw photos on a wall it just felt like they belong here, on a coast of Istria. It just wasn’t the same when they were exhibited in Gorica, Ljubljana or Kamnik, they were too far from the sea side.
So for me, this exhibition is simply a dream combination and I couldn’t be happier!

Also I have to say thanks to Slovenian community in Pula that organized the whole thing and made it possible. I could never do it without them! They really surprised me with their smiles, kindness and professional attitude at the same time. They even made a beautiful brochure and wrote quite a long text about the series. Really, amazing! I wish there would be more people like them… =)
And oh, on top of all, even some people from the local radio came and I had to give a short interview. That was totally unexpected and quite wonderful surprise, even though my speech was probably horrible… We shall see… =D

The exhibition is free and open to public every day until 20th May. You are more than welcome to visit it! =)

So here are some photos from the event and so on. Sorry for these huge watermarks, I have to fix the size soon… =D