Velika Planina in Summer

With a week delay, here are some photos from my trip to Velika Planina. These are showing nature, typical houses and herdsman village that is full of cows from spring to autumn. It’s really interesting because it’s so different. I imagine it must be really unusual to people that are used living in cities. I can imagine some crazy Japanese tourists that take photos of everything, but this time I didn’t see any so maybe their season is just starting or maybe they don’t know about this not so hidden gem? Who knows. =)
Anyway, this location used to be full of people during any season, then it was empty most of the time, but slowly this is changing and I really hope this place will thrive again. I guess Slovenia is getting more tourists in general so I guess it’s possible. We’ll see. =)

Cottage on Velika Planina

Velika Planina really is a bit like a paradise and it is quite close to where I live, but I wasn’t up there for about two years or so. It was about time I go and since my mom was up there in a cottage for few days (she even took our dog!) I used the opportunity to visit. Not her – the dog! =D Ok, ok, I take it back, I was happy too see her too… =P
Anyway, I decided to divide these photos into two blog posts. This one is dedicated to my uncles cottage in which my mom stayed. I really like it, because these cottages have a specific style and they are so simple and their design really fits in that area.

Summer Slovenian fields

I spent a Sunday afternoon outdoors and green fields and hills of Slovenia always make my day. It’s so nice, so green, full of fresh air, everything smells like summer and this weekend wasn’t hot, so it was really just perfect! I took some photos of wheat fields and grassland at the place named Polževo in Dolenjska region. It’s not that far from the city, but it feels like you’re almost in the middle of nowhere. But I guess that’s almost everywhere in Slovenia – few minutes drive by car and you’re in the nature and you forget about civilization. I admit, I like that, even though I can’t imagine living far in the countryside. I need a city close-by. =)

Wedding in Štanjel

My cousin got married and I was asked to take care for the photos, since I’m the only photographer in the family. I never wanted to photograph a wedding, but since it’s my cousins I just couldn’t say no. =)
Wedding was in Štanjel, an old town in area named Kras (Karst). It’s very vintage and authentic town with a lot of history, and since our grandfather was from a village nearby, this was also a bit emotional experience for our family.
When we arrived to the town it was raining but luckily it soon stopped so we were able to make some nice photos. When the ceremony was over and we were just leaving Štanjel it started to rain again. I guess that really was luck! After that we went to another old city Komen, where we all gathered in a restaurant.
I usually don’t post photos of people, and this time it will be no different. Just some details from the whole event. =)