Snowy Alps view

I don’t like winter. I like some things about it, but in general, I don’t like it. I don’t like cold. I admit, snow looks nice and can be full of fun, but that hardly helps with the fact I have to deal with cold. Yeah, I know, I have to dress warm and it is ok… When cold weather starts I always need few days of whining, seems like this is now. These days it got a bit colder and it is very windy, but the worst thing is, that we all know this is just a start of winter and we are lucky it is still so warm – usually it is colder in the end of November.
Despite all my whining and complaining I just can’t ignore the fact that in weather like this, I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. At least for me, living in a valley and having a beautiful view on Alps – it is priceless. These days the weather was sunny and the sky was quite clear and visibility amazing. That is why I just had to take some photos of this gorgeous view I have from the area where I live.

Opening of Igreja de água in Kamnik

Today we opened exhibition of my photographs with title Igreja de água, in gallery Šola Idej, Šutna 35, Kamnik, Slovenia. Name of the exhibition connects both exhibited series – photos I made during my Erasmus exchange in Portugal and my diploma photos with translated title “Water church”.
I admit, I feel a little proud today, because this feels like an achievement and when so many people come to see your work and they congratulate you, it simply is amazing. I didn’t expect so many visitors and also I didn’t expect so many compliments and positive feedback. Now I feel even more motivated and full of creative energy.
I thank all the visitors. Really, it means a lot. =)
For all of you that might be interested, you can see the exhibition until 14. December. Gallery is open every Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 9. do 12. hour; Tuesday or Thursday from 17. do 19. hour.
Here are some photos from the opening and few references and articles about it.
– (–Igreja-de-agua)

Invitations to Igreja de água

The day of opening of my photography exhibition is closer and closer. Today we put all the photos on the wall and now we just have to wait for Thursday, 18:00. So if you are in the area, you are more than welcome to join us, otherwise the exhibition will be open until 14. December.
Here are some invitations to the event – my official invitations, local newspaper, local website, event website… I must say, it feels kind of good to see all these invitations. This is the first time my work is so public, so I feel very excited. I don’t know where all this could lead me, but I like it. =)

Fallen leaves, Fallen leaves…

If anyone didn’t notice yet, autumn is here. Maybe not in all countries around the world, but here it is. Leaves changed their color, most of them already fell on the ground and many already got dry and brown. I like autumn when weather is still quite warm and sunny, I love how the whole nature changes colors and makes everything so much more interesting. But then all that stuff I love just goes away and everything prepares for cold winter and snowy days. Grrr, I must not think about that. It is probably much better idea to simply watch these photos of fallen leaves and get stuck in this moment for a bit longer…