So it’s monday… (day 12)

Today Damir had classes for the whole day. Gaja and I went to see Sandra, the Erasmus coordinator. We had to talk with her about which classes we would like to visit and when do they start. After that we went to do some shopping. We bought dream catchers (photos soon) and some vegetables on the market. Then Gaja went to some bank to ask if it’s possible to withdraw the money there, not only at ATM-s. They said that we can’t but they gave her some other address where it might be possible, but it was closed when we get there. We’ll have to check it some other time.
Anyway, after lunch we had a class too. It was Photography for 2nd year at Fine Arts and the professor seemed nice. But these first lessons are more theoretical so we had no idea what he was saying, though at least he had some photos… =) So we excused ourselves and told him that we don’t understand anything and he said we can come when they stop with theory and start with practical things. So that’s great. Beside this class we picked Photography for 3rd year at Fine Arts and Digital Photography at Sound and Image program. So I guess everything will be about photography these months! =D
When we returned back home we were so happy to see that internet is working and we can all be online now! Civilization! =D At the evening I was on Facebook and I noticed my friend Marko was already in Caldas, because he posted that on his blog. I checked my phone and noticed he already wrote to me but I didn’t hear the message. So I went to meet him and escort him to our place, so he will be staying here for a week, when he will catch his plane from Porto. He’s traveling by bike and you can check his blog here:
So yeah, that was pretty much it for this day. I don’t have any classes until Thursday so we’ll try to do our best with all the free time! Probably some photography in the park and around the city. I think it’s time for us to show you where we live now. =D


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