My room (day 10)

Day 10 – Saturday, 29.9.2012
We were able to sleep for as long as we wanted this day, but of course I woke up at 7:00… But that’s ok, I had enough sleep and now I have my own room so I don’t bother Damir and Gaja when I’m awake. So I decided to write all this text in previous post, before I forget everything that happened. =)

My cute room that still needs some character…

We noticed that our neighbors at some other building have two birds in cages and sometimes they make loud noises… But what was the most shocking was when I was looking through the window and saw something grey on a roof or balcony. At first I thought it’s some machine or just something that’s part of the roof, but I thought it looked a bit fluffy. Then it moved and it was this really huge and fluffy cat! Really, it was one HUGE cat! I hope I’ll be able to take a photo of it someday because it’s really crazy to see something like this when you don’t expect it. =)
And yes, now we are able to wash our clothes and we have to dry them on clothes line that goes along our windows. I think we understand the system now… I hope. =D

Clothes line and view to the red building with birds and huge cat. =D

Also my room has some character now that I put some small colorful clothes pegs on a curtain. It’s not much, but at least it’s a bit less dull… And I’m going to buy a green dream catcher this week and put it above the bed. =) I really like this room because it’s just a perfect size and I get the afternoon sun so when I sit here at the table it’s really nice and warm. =D
This time, as you can see, there are even some photos of my room. So yeah, I’m making progress. =P

Clothes pegs 01
Clothes pegs 02
My new Buddha holder for scented sticks. I love it! ❤

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