Opening of farmers market in Lukovica

To soboto sem bila povabljena, da na otvoritvi prve rokovnjaške tržnice v Lukovici naredim nekaj fotografij. Vas in njena okolica imajo kar nekaj kmetij, vendar do sedaj niso imeli svoje tržnice. Koncept te tržnice je prodaja izključno kvalitetnih slovenskih izdelkov, zato tu ne bo tipičnih prodajalcev, ki dobrine kupijo drugje in jih nato pripeljejo na tržnico. Tokrat so prodajali meso, salame, zelenjavo, sadje, domačo marmelado in sokove, sir, zelišča in drugo.
Nismo pričakovali tako pozitivnega odziva in toliko prodajalcev in obiskovalcev že ob otvoritvi, ampak tu so bili, prodajali, kupovali in uživali ob kvalitetnih produktih. Bilo je prijetno in z veseljem sem naredila nekaj fotografij, čeprav se skušam ogibati fotografiranju dogodkov. To ni ravno moje področje fotografije, ampak tu in tam naredim kakšno izjemo.
Dolgoročni načrt je otvoriti tudi pokrito tržnico, ki bo delovala ne glede na vreme in letni čas, a zaenkrat bo potekala na odprtem, na glavnem trgu, vsako soboto dopoldan.
Skratka, tu je manjši izbor fotografij.

This Saturday I was asked to take some photos of the opening of farmers market in Lukovica, Slovenia. It’s a village that has many farms in the area but until now they didn’t have their own farmers market. The whole point of this market is that they plan to sell only quality Slovenian products, so there will be no typical sellers that simply buy their goods somewhere else and then bring them to the market. This time there were people selling meat, salami, vegetables, fruits, home made marmalade and juice, cheese, herbs and much more.
We didn’t really expect such positive feedback and so many farmers and visitors at the opening, but there they were, selling, buying and enjoying quality products. It was nice and I gladly took some photos, even though I try to avoid event photography. It just isn’t my type of photography, but I make an exception here and there.
Long-term plan is to also open an indoor market that will work no matter the weather or season, but for now it will only be outdoors, on a main square, every Saturday morning.
Anyway, here is a smaller selection of photos.

Football promo

Friend of my brother asked me to make some promotional photos – a bit for him, a bit for bHIP promotion. I said yes, because I never took any photos of football before and it sounded interesting. Why not, right? =)
Ok, so he didn’t actually play football, he just kicked the ball around, tried to shoot on goal and so, but just for the photo session. And it was nice to try this, because now I know a bit about movement in this sport when it comes to photography. Also we included some bHIP products in the whole photoshooting, so I think we did quite allright for my first time in this area. Here are some photos. =)

My path to the train station

So these days I got a school assignment on topic “my path to school”. Well since my whole path to school is a bit complicated I decided to do just part of it, which is my path to the train station. This is what I made, but the end selection is actually just six of these photos, so not all of them will be represented on our school exhibition at the end of semester. But well, I think I’m quite happy with the result. =)

Something new for bHIP

I think I mentioned few times before, that I’m working with company named bHIP. Well since I returned back to Slovenia I started to be more active at this and I decided to make some promotional photos. I had an opportunity to borrow some more photo equipment and so I tested it. It’s so much more fun when you have all the equipment and you can just play with it, try whatever you want and simply take some time for it. You learn so much more when you’re on your own and you move all the equipment around and you try different angles of light and so on. So I have to admit, I had a lot of fun, even though I usually don’t take photos of people. Well, here are two examples of my work, more will follow in few weeks I guess. Don’t be too crytical, it’s my first time doing something like this. =)
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