eBook: Real Estate Photography – Tips & tricks for great photos on low budget

My first eBook! It’s out and you can get it on Amazon! I’m super excited about it and I absolutely loved making it!


This book is meant for anybody who needs photos of properties and would like to work with a small budget. It’s for real estate agents, brokers, rental property owners, bed & breakfast and small hotel owners, as well as for anybody else who needs good quality photos to promote their house, apartment or any other property. It’s specifically meant for anybody who doesn’t want to hire a professional photographer or can’t afford to, but would still like to get the best possible results. These tips and tricks will help guide you through basics you should be aware of when taking photos of any real estate properties. The focus here is on amateur photography and on using smartphones as the photographic equipment, but you might learn something new even if you’re using an advanced camera.

Who should read this book?
Are you usually walking around with a simple digital camera or only with your smartphone to take photos? This book is for anybody who needs photos of properties and would like to work with a small budget. It’s for real estate agents, brokers, rental property owners, bed & breakfast and small hotel owners, as well as for anybody else who needs good quality photos to promote their house, apartment or any other property. It’s specifically meant for anybody who doesn’t want to hire a professional photographer or can’t afford to, but would still like to get the best possible results.

Who is this book not for?
If you want to learn how to be a professional real estate photographer, this might not be the book for you. By reading these pages, you will not learn about specific camera settings, how to make walking tours, complicated panoramas, advanced HDR photos or use drones for aerial shots. Also, if you would like to learn how to sell or rent properties, this book may not be the best choice. However, it will teach you how to make better photos that will help you with that.

What will you learn?
By reading this book, you will learn some tips and tricks you can use with any equipment you’re using to take photos, from professional cameras to your smartphone. I’ll guide you through basic steps on how to prepare the area for the photoshoot, how to capture the place from the best angle, we’ll take a look at the common mistakes people do and how to fix them, and you will acquire some basic photo editing knowledge to make your photos pop out even more. No prior photography knowledge or skills are required.

Purpose of the book
During my career, I’ve noticed that many companies simply don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer or know how to use expensive photography equipment. Many brokers and property owners take photos by themselves, using only their smartphone. But having a low budget doesn’t mean the photos will automatically be bad. With just a little bit of the appropriate knowledge, you can make excellent photos that will be of great help with your marketing. The purpose of this book is to teach you exactly that.

About the author
My father used to have his own real estate agency, so I somehow grew up with this business. Since an early age, I was in love with buildings in general and I knew I wanted my career to go somewhere in that direction, to be surrounded by architecture. I decided to study Digital Arts, with my main focus on photography and video classes. That’s where my professors noticed that most of my art had some architectural elements included. Passion for architectural photography led me to a few smaller projects in the real estate business and allowed me to work with some architects and brokers. All this led to the creation of this book.

Are you super excited to check it out? You can get it here.


Exploring the beautiful Soča Valley

A few months ago I somehow came across a short blog post about a hiking trail along the Soča river in Slovenia. It’s my home country, so I was surprised I never heard about the Soča Trail (Soška pot), which is actually part of a longer trailed called Alpe-Adria trail, that starts in The Alps in Austria and finishes at the Adriatic Sea. So I made a bit of a research and realized the Soča Trail is about 20km long (actually it’s more about 30km long) and goes along the river all the time, from the spring of the river to Bovec.

My mind was set on this trail the moment I heard about it and I decided this summer I’ll walk this path. So, to finish this summer the way I wanted, two of my friends and me decided to do it, to hike this path. Saturday, early morning, we started to drive towards Bovec, where we left our car. We took a bus from Bovec to the starting point. Around 10:20 am we were at the spring of Soča river and started to walk the trail – a bit later than we thought we will, but oh well, at least we started.

Obviously, at that time we were all still all full of energy, optimistic, positive and determined we will finish the trail. It’s a shame, but none of us were familiar with this area, we drove through it or been to parts of it before, but never really took time to explore this beautiful part of our country. The path mostly goes through the forest, sometimes through more open fields, but it’s easy to walk and absolutely lovely. There are few short hikes uphill now and then, but nothing dramatic, everybody can do it. Along the way, all the sweat is rewarded with stunning views of the mountains, Julian Alps, and views on the clear emerald water of the river. I’ve seen a lot of places around the world, but I must say, this was one of the best views ever.

We were making short stops about every hour, none of us is particularly fit, so we needed a break now and then. Around 3:30 pm we decided to stop for a bit longer, especially because Maja’s shoes were not as comfortable as she expected, so her feet hurt like hell. Nina had some troubles with her shoes too. I guess I was the lucky one, with comfortable shoes and still loads of energy left. So we just sat down on some rocks by the river, ate some snacks and enjoyed the view. The two of them decided this was the end of the trail for them and they would catch a bus back to the town. However, I was still full of energy and excited about the whole trail, so I decided to continue the path on my own.

Honestly, I loved this part of the trail the most. I love my friends and it was so much fun to walk, talk and laugh together – I’m a very extroverted person – but as soon as I started walking on my own a whole new experience opened up for me. Peace, quiet, nature, it was all so relaxing, gave me time to clear my mind and just be. It’s probably a bit weird, but instead of getting tired I just got even more energized. From time to time I was even running few hundred meters, and I usually never run! Definitely a whole new experience for me. I kept going for about four more hours, but then the sun was going down a bit too fast for me and I had to give up. My soul was saying to keep going, but common sense said it’s probably a good idea to stop where I am and call my friends to come pick me up. I believe I still had about 7km to walk to reach Bovec. I still walked about 23km, so I’m proud of myself, it was an absolutely amazing experience. But now I’m determined that I’ll walk this path again and next time, I’ll be prepared and start earlier. 🙂

Surprisingly, after a whole day of walking, I was all bubbly and full of energy even in the evening and I didn’t feel like going to sleep yet. In the morning I was up at 7 am and couldn’t wait for more adventures. 😀 I’m definitely one of those people that get all powered up by adventures… 😀

19. and 20. DECEMBER 2014 – SEA DAYS

Because it is a new cruise and it’s a sea day I decided to film some sea day activities again. I must admit, shooting the same events every cruise will become boring soon, but on the other hand, you know exactly what to expect so it is quite easy. And if you make a mistake once, for example, you realize that some corner isn’t very good for shooting, you can change your position next time. So it’s great opportunity to learn.
Anyway, nothing special happened, just an ordinary day. But in the evening there was another party, this time across the hallway from our room, where the crew day room is. We went there just for a short while, but we wanted to get some sleep, so we left quite early. I see what they mean now when they say you start to appreciate the afternoon naps. =)

Well another sea day, ordinary routine, except today we put a table with some of our retail stuff in front of the gallery. Interesting how many people stop and actually look and buy the things on the table, when I compare it with regular days when we have all this behind the glass window. But I guess we are all like that.
During the day there was a special event during tea time. They had so many different cakes, snacks and desserts, mostly with some Christmas decoration. And the crew that served the food had Christmas hats on, some were dressed as elves and we even had Santa Claus, though he was a bit skinny and had no beard, but hey, we had some Christmas spirit! Most of us really don’t feel the whole holiday time, because we are all working and it is simply too warm for this season. But on the other hand we all like warm weather.
In the evening we decided to get some Christmas spirit anyway, so a small group gathered and we watched the movie Elf. It was nice to just hang out a bit and enjoy the movie. We decided we will do that more often and every time someone else will pick the movie. It sounds like a good idea, but we will see. =)

Otroci opozarjajo na varno vožnjo!

Joj, zadnje dni sem popolnoma zasedena in okupirana, zato mi za pisanje bloga skoraj ne ostane časa! Te dni smo se mladi na Viru organizirali in zbirali podpise za peticijo, saj si želimo, da bi se na Bukovčevi cesti (glavni cesti) postavili ležeči policaji. Le-ti so menda sicer že v planu, ko se bo cesta na novo preplastila (predvidoma v roku parih mesecev), vendar menimo, da podpora celotnega naselja ne more škodovati.
Skratka, v teh dneh smo hodili od hiše do hiše in zbrali presenetljivo število podpisov. Dva dni nazaj smo jih imeli preko 300, prepričana sem, da smo jih do sedaj že zbrali preko 500. Podpise bomo zbirali še v nedeljo po obeh mašah. Torej kdor še ni podpisal, pa bi si vseeno želel, se lahko oglasi pred cerkvijo na Viru v nedeljo, predvidoma nekje med 8:30 in 9:30 ter 10:30 in 11:30. O zbiranju naših podpisov je poročal tudi spletni časnik Žurnal24, ki je celo objavil moje fotografije in zelo na hitro zmontiran in posnet video: http://www.zurnal24.si/hh-clanek-236855

Poleg zbiranja podpisov je že bila zelo odmevna tudi akcija s prižiganjem svečk ob glavni cesti, ki je ganila mnoge, po spletu in po medijih pa je zaokrožila neverjetno hitro. Tudi o tem je poročal Žurnal24 (http://www.zurnal24.si/prizgali-so-svece-in-zahtevali-grbine-clanek-236496), zelo odmevna pa je bila tudi objava na mojem blogu “Bukovčeva cesta s svečkami“.

Danes sem se ravno peljala proti domu, ko me je na glavni cesti pričakal nenavaden prizor. Ravno, ko sem pripeljala izza ovinka sem zagledala fantka z odsevnim telovnikom in manjšo tablo s številko 50. Takoj sem pogledala na števec za hitrost, da sem preverila, če res vozim po omejitvi (pravzaprav vedno vozim po omejitvah, ampak v tem primeru je zagotovo vsak preveril še enkrat ali dvakrat). =)
Na večji razdalji (približno med Ipavčevo in Robovo ulico) je na vsakih nekaj metrov stal otrok z odsevnim jopičem in tablo. Sprva na moji desni strani, da so opozarjali nas, ki smo prihajali iz strani Domžal, naprej pa so stali na nasprotni strani, kjer so opozarjali voznike, ki so se peljali iz smeri Kamnika. Ljudje so bili zagotovo vsi precej presenečeni, saj so vsi vozili 50km/h, tisti, ki niso pa so nemudoma stopili na zavore.
Ko sem fotografirala, sem tudi vprašala par otrok, če jim uspeva in ponosno so mi povedali, da jih vsi opazijo in vozijo po pravilih. Govorila sem tudi z dvema odraslima, ki sta spremljala otroke. Povedala sta mi, da je akcija nastala precej spontano in ni v sklopu kakšnega šolskega programa. Pobudnik akcije je bil sicer g. Franc Prelovšek, sponzorstvo in pomoč pa jim je ponudila tudi zavarovalnica Triglav, ki jim je priskrbela jopiče. Pri izdelavi znakov sta jim pomagala Anton Skok s.p. in pa Flerin Miro s.p..
Sama sicer menim, da bi kaj podobnega res lahko izvajali tudi v šolah, recimo kot del osveščanja o varnosti v prometu. Skratka, vsi so z veseljem sodelovali, jaz pa sem z veseljem akcijo dokumentirala. Več kot očitno je, da je varnost v prometu na Viru začela povezovati vse generacije. Upam samo, da bomo z vsem tem res dosegli nek uspeh in preprečili kakšno nesrečo… Žal pa preteklosti ne moremo spremeniti…

Nekaj fotografij od danes.