Dutch Embassy in Ljubljana and BIO50

At the moment there is a design festival BIO50 going on in Ljubljana and there is a lot to see. There are few different locations where you can see exhibited items, but for now I only visited the Dutch Embassy Residence at Koseze in Ljubljana.
I wanted to see this house since it was built, because I’ve seen it on some photos and I though it looked really great. It is very modern, but so classical at the same time. It just fits in the environment, even though most houses around there are totally different.
The items that were exhibited there were mostly furniture and some photos, paintings and everyday objects that were design mostly by Dutch designers. I must say that I loved the couches in the living room and large lounge chairs in the library the most. They are just so cool!
They were so kind they allowed me to take some photos of the exhibition and the building itself. And beside that all the visitors got cookies and tea… It was nice.
So here are the photos that might give you some sort of feeling of space.

Šola Idej, Kamnik

Few weeks ago I took some photos in a small gallery Šola Idej, where I had my exhibition last year. I wasn’t sure how the photos will come out, because the whole space is quite white and almost a bit empty. But I was surprised to see the walls full of beautiful and colourful paintings by Slovenian painter Barbara Ravnikar. Now the space looks so much more alive and positive. I like it.
And my website will be up and working soon, so these are the first photos with http://www.anjaperse.com watermark. =)

Rotovž Caffe in Kamnik

About two weeks ago I took some photos of the second oldest building in Kamnik. It’s from 15th century and it is known as “Seydl house”, because of the first owner Jurlin Seydl. Building is in the old city centre and it is right next to the town hall. It was abandoned for many decades, but about 10 years ago it got new owners that renovated it and brought back it’s former beauty.
On a main ground of the building there is a copy shop, photographer and a bar named “Rotovž Caffe”. On a second story there are some offices and on the floors above there are some apartments. More or less the whole history of the building is written on a wall in a bar, so everyone can read it.
I didn’t have time to publish these photos sooner, so with some delay, here they are now.

Hairdressing salon in Šmarca

This time I took photos of a hairdressing salon in Šmarca (near Kamnik), Slovenia. This particular salon is quite new, probably about a year old and it is quite nice and equipped in modern style. Salon owner has another salon that changed few locations until now, and just recently it moved again, this time next to Lidl in Duplica, but I didn’t do any photos at that location.
Ok, now let’s focus on my photos. =) It is the first time I did a Dynamic Range Increase (DRI) photo (the one with outside view). Until now I just knew how to do it in theory, but now I had a chance to do it in practice as well. I think it turned out quite nice. For people that don’t know what DRI means – it’s when you merge two photos with different exposure. That is usually used in case where indoor space is much darker than outdoors, so you take one photo that makes indoors bright and another one that makes outdoors dark enough so you can actually see what is outside the window.
I must say, I am disappointed every time when outside view is beautiful, maybe it’s even a million dollar view, but photographer didn’t capture it – mostly because they didn’t know how, or they didn’t take time to work with flashes or in post-production. Views matter!
So, here they are, photos from today. =)

Apartment in a house

As I wrote in one of my previous blog posts I am building my architecture and real estate photography portfolio. This time here are typical real estate photos that are usually used for different promotional reasons.
I must say, it really annoys me when I check different websites for real estate selling and I see horrible, dark, cluttered and crooked photos of buildings. Do sellers think those photos will actually convince me into buying or renting? Well yes, ok, I might get some idea about the place, but for sure I will not be like: “Yes, I want to live here!” Let’s be honest, photos are the first impression and it should be a good one.
It’s kind of sad that most agents and sellers don’t think that good photography should be worth the money and they don’t invest in that, but I am certain that many homes would be sold so much faster if they would start thinking about quality photos. And no, simply buying an expensive camera and not knowing how to use it correctly will not help (I heard that a few times…).
So this time here are some photos of a apartment in a house, no bedrooms for now. I hope you like it anyway. =)