More or less everyone that knows me, knows that I’m more of a summer person, and I don’t like winter. I mean, winter looks nice when everything is nice and yes, I like to make a snowman and snowboard here and there, but still, I don’t like winter. It’s cold and I don’t like cold. I like warm weather full of sunny days and I guess that is why I dream about California for so many years now. Well this is what keeps me warm and optimistic every winter. =)
I guess for now, I have to deal with this cold and get out a bit more, but I need new gloves, these aren’t really photographer friendly, that’s why these two photos were taken from a balcony of our house. Yes, I know, so much effort… =D



Animateka 2013

I’ve been quite busy this last week, because it was time of Animateka – Animation Festival that was going on in Ljubljana for the 10th year in a row now. I was part of the video team and my job was to daily edit videos and interviews that others did during the day. There was a lot of material, so luckily I wasn’t the only one for this job. I must say, it feels quite good now that it is over. I think I had a bit too much computer work these days and I think my laptop feels tired too… Poor machine, he was more or less in “render” or “export” mode most of the time. =)
Anyway, I just wanted to share a playlist on which there are all the videos I edited.