My name is Anja and people say I smile all the time. I am an optimistic person, I talk a lot, I am full of plans and ideas and very determined when I want to achieve something.  I was always excited about different areas of art, design and architecture, but at the same time I was a fan of digital era. So photography, video and internet stuff is a combination of all my interests and I absolutely love it!

I have a BA degree in digital arts and practices, where I focused mainly on photography. My knowledge improved when I was working in two different photo studios and I got some interesting video projects around the Europe. Even though I am from Slovenia, I don’t feel I really belong here, because lately I am more or less everywhere. In December 2014 I started working as a videographer and photographer on a cruise ship, so I managed to travel a lot while doing what I love. That’s the job that made me work harder than ever, but I got rewarded by seeing so many places and by meeting the best people.

Since I was a teenager I was saying I’ll live abroad one day, but actually my goal is to move to California. So that’s the dream I follow, but for now I’m looking forward to experience new adventures, meet more amazing people and continue to enjoy work and life.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Anja lepo pozdravljeni!

    Sem David Horvat in sem po slučajnosti opazil, da ste pripravili zanimivo FOTO razstavo z zanimivimi utrinki iz vašega potovanja. Prebral sem si tudi da Vas poleg fografije zanima tudi video, ki pa je seveda prihodnost komunikacije.
    Vprašal bi vas samo naslednje, kam Vam lahko pošljem nekaj več o meni. Hvala za vaš odgovor!

    Želim vam lep in uspešen začetek tedna!

    S spoštovanjem,
    David Horvat

    1. Zdravo David!
      Hvala za odziv in ja, poleg fotografije se precej zanimam tudi za video. Več mi lahko pišete na, sicer pa ste vabljeni tudi na otvoritev razstave v sredo in si ogledate seriji fotografij.

      Lep pozdrav!

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