Dealing with analog photography (days 40-41)

Day 40 – Monday, 29.10.2012
We woke up in sunny morning and the day started really well, though we didn’t do anything really worth mentioning before lunch. But when I ate my meal I suddenly started to feel a bit lazy and tired and when I looked out of the window I noticed that the weather changed too. It was cloudy and colder than before.
Well, despite that, we had to get out of the apartment and go to ESAD, because we had a class of Photography 2. We were supposed to develop photos from the film we developed last week. At first we gathered in the classroom and we were looking at some homework that students didn’t do two weeks ago. So Gaja and I sat there again, listened to the language we don’t understand and looked at the photos we didn’t like. Ok, maybe this time there were some photos that were a bit better or maybe we at least some connection to the film they were supposed to be based on.
Anyway, after a long time of suffering it was time to get in the dark room and start with work. Well… NO! It was another 2 hours of blablabla! Professor showed how to use the machine and how to make contact sheets from film to the paper, but the problem was there were to many students so most of us didn’t see well what he was showing and not to mention we didn’t understand anything again. Luckily we did this back in Slovenia couple of times, but we never did it totally by ourselves, we always had some help. Well some of the students did their contact sheets because that was like an example for all of us to see how these things go. At the end of the class the professor said to us: “Well, until next week you have to make your own contact sheet.” Wait, what?! Why didn’t we do it now?! Why did he tell us that at the end of the class? We could work at the same time as few other students if he would tell us that before! Now we have to figure out everything by ourselves. We could stay a bit longer after the class, but we were just so tired and sleepy because of the weather and this boring class of blablabla in Portuguese! When we started to have some hope for this professor, he disappointed us again. Really, just few words to us and at the end we’re on our own with no help from him. Well yes, we will figure it out by ourselves or with help from classmates or something like that, but it’s not fair because professors are there to help students! So yeah, we were quite angry. I hope we’ll soon start with digital photography because this is torture if you have a professor like this.
Anyway, we went to Vivaci on our way home to buy few things and then we went home. I was so tired I went to sleep much earlier than usually.

Day 41 – Tuesday, 30.10.2012

Well, at first it looked like we will have sunny weather and Gaja and I will be able to do our homework with Hasselblad again. But just as we wanted to go out with the camera it started to rain. Stupid weather, it’s changing every few minutes. At least we had some rainbow on the sky. =)

Rainbow power! ❤ =D

After few more minutes all those ugly grey clouds went away again and the sun showed up again. So we went out fast to catch the good weather and we did our homework. This time we checked the camera and we think everything was ok with it and we think we did everything right with the film too, so we should get some photos out of this. =)
We finished photographing much sooner than we thought we will and we returned home just around noon. We felt relived because we knew we did everything we had to and it’s like you can breathe again. =D Also we were able to cook the lunch in peace before we went to school again to return the Hasselblad camera and stop by the International office to fill in some papers. And the sun just kept on shining… =)
And we talked with some Erasmus students about the Halloween tomorrow and we asked if they know about any party in the city. They said they know about one, but we saw some posters so maybe there will be more. We’ll see, but Gaja and I said we really want to go. =) I was thinking about being a vampire, since I’m watching True Blood these days… =) We went to Vivaci to see if they have any vampire teeth anywhere, but I only found ones that glow in the dark and I think that’s just weird and I don’t want that. If I’ll not get the teeth I guess I’m just going to be dressed more in Goth style and that will be it. We’re on low budget and we’ll just try to put together some clothes and accessories we already have. =)
I don’t know what got into me when I got home, but I was just tired, lazy and not in the mood for anything. It might be the combination of weather and the full moon, because Gaja said she’s not herself these days too. We’ll, it will pass. I know it will. =) Soon I’ll be happy, energized, positive and optimistic me again. Just give me a day or two. =)

Military day (day 39)

Day 39 – Sunday, 28.10.2012
I woke up at 8:20 and soon realized it’s actually 7:20 because we switched time today and so we had to change our clocks for one hour back. It was quite interesting to be up so early. =) I put some of my clothes to the washer again, had some hot cocoa for breakfast and then I went to the fruit market. Prices of clementine are finally reasonable so I bought about a kilo of them. Yay! =)
When I returned we went to meet our photography professor from Slovenia. She will be here for three weeks because she’s here on some sort of teacher exchange and she’s having some sort of photography workshop here on ESAD. So we met with her in the center and we went out for a drink together. It was nice to chat with someone else from Slovenia after a while. =) Then we went to see the parade that was supposed to be in the city, but we didn’t know what it was all about. All we knew is that it’s a parade. When we reached the secured and closed street we realized it is some sort of military parade. There was a whole army! They had so many different uniforms, different types of soldiers and even a woman unit. At first it was a bit funny to us because some of the units had some sort of weird walk, but I guess every unit had a different marching. Then those special units came along and we suddenly stopped laughing because their way of marching was quite intimidating. It was like they are really going into war and they had those huge guns and other military equipment, and their faces were camouflaged with colour and so on. It was quite interesting to see, but I have to admit that everything connected to army always makes me feel a bit disappointed by the world and people. I always connect soldiers with killings and blood and mess in general. So I felt like I’m surrounded with some negative vibes I guess.
After all the soldiers passed us by we decided to go to the park where there were some more soldiers. Actually they had some military equipment and vehicles and it was open for public, so everyone could see some of the military technology and transportation. I have to admit, that was quite interesting to see, because usually we see this kind of things just in the movies. But still, when I think about all the money that is spent on this kind of things and I ask myself why exactly do we need all of this… I’m not quite sure what to think. I’m not saying soldiers are bad people, far from that, I know most of them are awesome guys and I know they are there to protect the country and people, but at the end we still connect military with some sort of violence and war, so I guess that’s why I don’t like it. Though I admit, I was impressed by the 3D technology they have for aerial view… =D
Anyway, enough said about the soldiers in the city. You have photos in the gallery anyway, and I wanted to make a short video of marching but I’m having some problems with software so I’ll try to do that later.
Well, after that Damir and I went to do some grocery shopping and we returned home quite late. None of us felt like cooking something time-consuming, so we made some spaghetti with vegetables and tomato sauce. Most simple lunch I guess. =)
Then I Skyped with my family again and they were really happy to see and talk to me. I updated them on my Lisbon trip. =) And it’s really funny to talk to anyone from Slovenia at the moment because they have snow and many people are whining about it, but then I post a photo of a sunny day here and I feel awesome because I know many people would love to change for the weather we have. =D Now we have some friends here, Gaja is helping them with homework. Then we’ll see, maybe we’ll hang out a bit. =)

First Lisbon visit (day 38)

Day 38 – Saturday, 27.10.2012
Waking up at 7:00 isn’t usually on our “to do” list, but today it was worth it. Gaja and I decided to go to Lisbon for a day! So we went to the train that leaves Caldas da Rainha at 8:30 and we were there on time. The train started moving few minutes late, but that’s ok, we’re in Portugal, that’s normal. =) We were moving for about 100m when the train stopped and we didn’t know why, but we thought it must be because of the rails or something. But then some woman rushed by and she went to the train driver and obviously she was on the wrong train and we were really surprised when we drove back to the station and let the lady switch the trains! Seriously?! That would NEVER happen in Slovenia, they would probably just say: “Get off on the next station.” =)
Anyway, we were on our way to Lisbon with almost 30minutes delay, but surprisingly we arrived there about 15 minutes before we were supposed to. We still didn’t figure out why was that. =) Well, it’s Portugal. =)
So we arrived to Lisbon and we took the subway to some station that was closer to the sea where the city center is. We came out of the subway on some square where people we dancing, singing and playing the traditional Portuguese music. It was nice! Then we just went into some alley and started to walk along it and we noticed some gallery. It was a museum of contemporary art and we decided to check it out. It was awesome! One painting reminded me of my mom, though I’m not really sure why, but it just did. And I loved the building in which this gallery is situated. It’s such a beautiful mixture of old and modern!
Since Gaja and I had no specific plan for the day we decided to continue our way along the street to the sea side that we saw on the end. Then we wanted to visit the cathedral and the castle on the hill but when we reached the main square at the sea side we were just so happy we wanted to sit down and relax on the sun a bit. It was such nice weather, sunny and warm, so we sat there in just some light t-shirts! Then Gaja said: “You do realize it’s going to be November soon and we’re like this?” And we started to laugh even more when we remembered the weather forecast for Slovenia is already snow and cold! =D Haha!
After Gaja had her cup of coffee and I had my glass of fresh lemonade we went to the sea and we loved the feeling, the view, the energy… Everything! =D We were in Lisbon! =D Then we went to the main street that goes from that square and it’s full of shops. Well, part of the reason for this trip was some shopping too, because we realized we will need some more clothes for the winter. And we were AMAZED when we stepped into Zara and noticed it has 5 stories, -1 was Zara Home (that we don’t even have in Slovenia), then 0 and 1 were Woman, 2 were Kids and 3 were Men. But the offer was so much better than in Slovenia! Then we went to H&M and not only there were many more different clothes than at home, but also everything was in order, it was neat and organized. Back home I always get the feeling I’m in some cheap store, but that was not the case here. =) And when we came into the store some seller came to Gaja and asked her if she needs some help, if she understands all the signs in the store, he told us in which story is particular clothing and so on. Also he showed us the floor on which we were standing and told us we are on a glass, but under it there are Roman ruins! It was so awesome! =D
Ok after we finished with shopping we came across the design and fashion museum that even had free entrance. So we went to check it out and we were quite impressed. There were so many famous and really awesome designs! Not just clothes, but also furniture and décor. So it was really worth visiting! =D
Then we were a bit hungry and we didn’t have enough time to get proper lunch, so I did something I never do, I went to McDonalds. I wanted to eat some salad but they didn’t have it at the moment! Oh come on! Then I did something totally not usual for me, I ate fries… Well, I’m not proud of it, but I can live with it. =) Anyway, after the unhealthy lunch we went to the subway again and went to the different part of the city where we had to find a shop with photo equipment. We had to buy some photo papers for developing photos and some more films for medium format camera. And when we came into the shop we were surprised to see how many things they have! All kinds of films, all kinds of cameras, the lights, flashes, tripods… Pretty much everything! Even a camouflage tent for all the wild-life photographers. =) Haha!
Then we asked some guy if he can tell us which way we have to go to get to the main train station and he showed us where the nearest subway is. But we knew we’re quite close to that station so we asked which way if we want to walk. And he asked with those surprised eyes and tone: “You will walk? It’s about 15 minutes!” Haha! But he showed us the right way anyway. =) And we passed a nice park on our way there and we found the train station, bought the tickets and got to the train on time. We had a private train actually. Well, it was not really private, but we were the only ones on it for most of the time. I think there was some man on the train for a short time too. It’s funny how most people don’t use public transport at all. Except subways and trams in the city itself, that’s a different story. =)
So we came home safely, we had a great day, we fell in love with Lisbon and we are so happy that we went! Well, we’re happy in general anyway! =D So photo gallery for all of you… =D I did some experimenting with my Olympus and used some effects, so photos are mostly a bit… unusual? =D Enjoy! =)

Sentimental me (day 37)

Day 37 – Friday, 26.10.2012
Alarm clock ringing in the morning… Oh why?!?! The moment I wanted to put it to sleep mode I realized that this time I can’t, because I really had to wake up to be at the class in time. We were 5 minutes late, but that’s ok because at that time only Gaja and I were there and some class mate that’s always on time. The professor came like 15 minutes late and we were still the only three students there. Others came from 20 – 90 minutes late. Seriously, being late here is even more common than in Slovenia, it’s crazy!
Ok so at first it looked like Gaja and I were the only ones with finished homework (which was the one made with Hasselblad), but then some other class mate came that had it done too. Then we developed films and it was quite interesting to stand in the dark room again where you have no idea where all the people are. We did the same on Monday when we developed films, and sure we had to do it again. This time Gaja went out of the room because she gets a bit claustrophobic when the lights go out. I must admit, it is a bit weird and uncomfortable, but I survive it. =)
Anyway, when the films were developed we checked what was on them. Gaja and I saw it right away, our films were blank! We were wandering why, what happened, what we did wrong? Even the professor wasn’t sure so he got the camera and we went through the process of inserting the film again and obviously we did everything right. Then we noticed what was wrong. We got a damaged camera and the shutter was closed all the time or something like that. Now we have to make the same homework all over again. But ok, this time it will be faster because we already know which locations we want to shoot and how to use the camera properly. Still, we were quite disappointed. But the professor said to us: “I’m so sorry this happened to you. I really like you girls because I can see your head is on the right place.” =D We felt kind of flattered to hear those words and we realized that obviously he noticed that we want to be there, we want to work and we are trying. So I think we will get along quite well with this professor. =) And also I have to say it again, we like the class mates. We don’t really talk much, but still, we can see we can ask them for some help and they smile and they are in general very positive people. And ok, I admit, I think one of the guys is really cute… =P
Ok enough about this. =D On our way home Gaja went to some photo studio to give them some colour film she had to develop. I was surprised how nice office and studio was! I worked through the summer in one, but when I saw this one I noticed how much more professional it looked like! It had more space, even some cute bench for customers to wait there, really nice choice of framings and so on. I liked it a lot! I guess I was just impressed because it was just so totally different of the one I worked in. =) But the prices are pretty much the same.
After the lunch we went to pick up the developed film and also we went to some Chinese shop to buy the clothing drying rack, because I think now there is too many rainy days and we can’t always dry clothes outside.
And later I Skyped with my family and they put my dog in front of the camera, but he still doesn’t get the point of it… =D He has no idea where I am or where my voice is coming from. But he obviously hears the words because he jumped suddenly when I mentioned I have some meat for him… Haha! =D Dogs… you just have to love them! =D My family said that a lot of people say they are reading my blog, even some family friends and distant relatives. It feels nice to see people care about you and they didn’t forget all about you. So thank you all of my friends and relatives that read this and follow my “adventures”! =D I think that now I’m starting to realize that all of you mean much more to me than I thought before. =)
Anyway, enough said, I’m getting sentimental now. =) The point is that Gaja and I are going to Lisbon tomorrow and we can’t wait to see the city! We hope the weather will hold! So next time, photos from Lisbon are coming! =)
Good night and a lot of hugs and kisses from Portugal! =)

Just simply me… =)

Homework (day 36)

Day 36 – Thursday, 25.10.2012
We woke up in another rainy morning. Oh well, I guess we need some rain too. =) I finished my homework and so on, really nothing special and worth mentioning. =)
After lunch Gaja and I went to school because we had a class of Digital Photography. Today we were learning about studio photography. We already worked with lights and flashes, but not much, so it’s always good for us to repeat these things. So the teacher showed us how to use that equipment and what does specific flash or light do, what effect the diffusor has and so on. It was ok, but well, that’s something you have to take some time and try it yourself because I believe that when someone is just showing you, you never really get the point, even if you think you know everything, you don’t. =) And because it’s really awesome that we can reserve the studio any time, we will probably try that some time, so we’ll get some experiences. Yay! =)
And today it was really funny when we talked to some Spanish Erasmus students and Gaja asked one of them if they know anyone that would be willing to model for her fashion photos and the guy said he’s a model at home and he even does some cat walk. It’s funny how things turn out sometimes, right? =D
Here are some photos from yesterday and they were my homework for today. We had to edit some photos, just colors and contrasts and so on.