Exhibition opening at School 27. Julij, Kamnik

Nekaj dni nazaj sem pisala o moji delavnici z otroci iz šole 27. Julij v Kamniku. Ponosna sem na njihovo delo in opazila sem, da so tudi sami ponosni na svoje izdelke. Včeraj sem jim na šolo dostavila razvite fotografije in med uokvirjanjem so otroci že začeli skakati naokrog in želeli videti fotografije, tako navdušeni so bili. Očitno niso mogli počakati, da bi videli svoje delo na steni.
Žal se otvoritve danes zjutraj nisem uspela udeležiti, kjer je imel govor celo župan, a bili so tako prijazni, da so z menoj delili naslednjo povezavo.

Few days back I wrote about my workshop with kids from school 27. Julij in Kamnik. I am quite proud of their work and as I noticed, they are proud of their work too. Yesterday I delivered printed photos to the school and while we were framing them, kids started to jump around and wanted to see the photos, they were so excited. They obviously couldn’t wait to see their work on a wall.
Sadly I wasn’t able to come to the opening this morning, where even the major had a speech, but they were kind enough to share this link .


Photo workshop at school 27. Julij, Kamnik

Danes je bil zame malce poseben dan. Kot prostovoljka sem vodila krajšo fotografsko delavnico za otroke od 7. do 9. razreda osnovne šole 27. julij v Kamniku. Šolo obiskujejo otroci, ki imajo težave z učenjem, zato nisem bila prepičana kaj pričakovati. Vse skupaj se je izkazalo kot zanimiva izkušnja zame in za njih (vsaj upam). =)
Glede na to, da se približuje rojstni dan slavnega slovenskega generala Rudolfa Maistra in je Kamnik njegov rojstni kraj, smo tematiko fotografiranja posvetili njemu. Obiskali smo njegovo rojstno hišo, ki je zdaj muzej, kjer so otroci naredili nekaj fotografij, nato pa smo si ogledali še dva njegova kipa, lokalni bar in pa ulico, ki sta poimenovana po njem. Celotna delavnica je bila namenjena tudi temu, da otrokom prikažemo, da za zanimive fotografije ne potrebujejo odličnih fotoaparatov, zato so vse fotografije posneli kar s svojimi mobilnimi telefoni (na srečo so vsi že imeli pametne telefone, kar je malce olajšalo delo).
Zdaj moram le še narediti končni izbor fotografij, da bodo lahko razstavljene v njihovi šoli. Če boste imeli priložnost se lahko udeležite otvoritve, ki bo 25. marca ob 10:00 v njihovi jedilnici.

V rojstni hiši Rudolfa Maistra / At the birth house of Rudolf Maister
V rojstni hiši Rudolfa Maistra / At the birth house of Rudolf Maister

Today was a bit special for me. I volunteered to lead a short photography workshop for kids from 7th to 9th grade, from school 27. Julij in Kamnik, Slovenia. This is a school for kids with learning problems, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out as an interesting hour for me and for them (at least I hope so). =)
Since the day of birth of famous Slovenian general Rudolf Maister is coming, and Kamnik is his birthplace, we made this our main theme for photos. We visited his birth house that is now a museum, so kids took some photos there, then we went to see two of his statues in the city and a local bar and street that are named after him. The whole workshop was meant also to show these kids that you don’t really need a great camera to capture nice things, so they took all the photos with their mobile phones (luckily they all had smart phones, so that made things a bit easier).
Now I just have to make a final selection of photos, so they will be exhibited in their school. If you get a chance you are welcome to stop by at the opening, 25. March at 10:00 in their dining room.

P.R.A.V.I. and “Coworking”

Yesterday I attended two different interesting events that were more or less meant for young people, fresh (or not so fresh) job-seekers with wish to learn more, to be active and to gain new experiences.
First event was called P.R.A.V.I. and it was supported by many different Slovenian companies (or Slovenian branches of international companies), including IBM Slovenia, National Geographic Slovenia, Kompas MTS, Adecco and others. This was more like a workshop that was held in modern office space of IBM in Kristalna Palača, Ljubljana. We were divided in groups and every group worked on a project for a different company – I was in group of Kompas MTS and we had a mission to find new ideas and develop a bit like a marketing plan for new daily tourist packages. We gathered some very interesting ideas, but too bad there wasn’t enough time to make our vision more clear and specific.
I admit, I really liked working in that team, because all the people were so positive, full of ideas and simply nice to be around. I guess that’s what happens when you put more enthusiastic and career oriented people in the same room, or around the same table. Well I was in charge of “public presentation” of our project – it seems like they noticed I’m the most hyped and talkative person in our group. Honestly, I was in such good mood that I had to control myself not to talk too much. Haha!
Well yeah, this was quite nice and interesting experience. I realized that obviously I’m very good at working in a team, even leading a team and that I am actually very good at brainstorming. I’m thinking how to use this “newly discovered” skills in the future, but I’m sure opportunity will show itself when the time is right. =)

Anyway, after this event I went to some lecture in centre of Ljubljana, where some guy explained few things about co-working – or to be more specific, about new available space in the city, where people can rent a table or office, meet new innovative and creative people, share knowledge etc.. He said that they are building even a small photo studio (mostly for product photography) and that there is even a 3D printer that you can use. Maybe I don’t need these services at the moment, but I think it’s good to know about this option, because you never know when it can be useful.

Now just for some better presentation here are some photos from the event P.R.A.V.I. and I think this is one of very rear times, when I’m not the author of the photos in the blog post. Author is Istok Lenarčič (lenarcic.eu), that was kind enough to give me permission to use these photos here. =)