Radensko polje

I don’t know how to translate this title in English. It’s simply a field, an area in Slovenia. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. The point is that sometimes this field gets flooded and this time it happened again. And since we were in the area we also visited ruins of Boštanj castle (Weissenstein in German), just to satisfy my passion for architecture. =)
So let the photos speak (because at the moment I don’t really know what else to write). =D


Ice Age is melting

We are having a bit like an ice age here in Slovenia. I must say that I’m really happy our town and area around didn’t get the worst scenario, but many places did. For few days they say there were about 10% of slovenian households without electricity, many still don’t have it after five days! Some cities and villages are really like in ice age – so much ice everywhere, so many trees falling down, so much damage and general danger for everyone. Even our ZOO got in some trouble (this is actually quite funny) – two lynxs escaped and killed their neighbour chamois (like a mountain goat).
Anyway, at least around my home the situation got from a bit frozen to melting and I just went out to take some photos and see how much damage there is. Honestly, I can’t believe there is only few broken branches on the ground! We were so lucky! So here are some photos of our ice age coming to an end – hopefully in other parts of Slovenia as well!

Late icy winter

We had the warmest January in history (or at least since we measure temperature here in Slovenia) and some plants already started to bloom, but here we go, winter arrived a bit late… It’s not as cold as it usually is in winter, but we had some snow few days ago, and now we have this icy rain we call “žled” and everything is just freezing! Cars are frozen all over, you usually can’t even unlock them, all the trees are covered with ice, streets are slippery… It’s crazy!
Most of our country is just covered with snow at the moment, but the worst problem is that trees are just falling down and at some places they say every few seconds new tree falls, sometimes on the streets, cars, on electic power lines… That’s why many roads are closed, because they just can’t remove all the trees so fast and also it is dangerous, because trees could fall on cars or people. And in many towns and villages they are without electricity, because of such large damage on power lines.
Where I live, we are quite lucky, we only had an electic black-out for about one hour last night, and not many trees are broken, though we still have a lot of ice. I would go out and take some more photos of this weird weather but… but… but… I just hate this weather! =D And it’s raining… I’m full of excuses, so yeah, probably I’ll just stick to these three photos I did last night. Maybe, just maybe I’ll take my camera and take some more photos, but don’t count on it too much… =D


More or less everyone that knows me, knows that I’m more of a summer person, and I don’t like winter. I mean, winter looks nice when everything is nice and yes, I like to make a snowman and snowboard here and there, but still, I don’t like winter. It’s cold and I don’t like cold. I like warm weather full of sunny days and I guess that is why I dream about California for so many years now. Well this is what keeps me warm and optimistic every winter. =)
I guess for now, I have to deal with this cold and get out a bit more, but I need new gloves, these aren’t really photographer friendly, that’s why these two photos were taken from a balcony of our house. Yes, I know, so much effort… =D



Snowy Alps view

I don’t like winter. I like some things about it, but in general, I don’t like it. I don’t like cold. I admit, snow looks nice and can be full of fun, but that hardly helps with the fact I have to deal with cold. Yeah, I know, I have to dress warm and it is ok… When cold weather starts I always need few days of whining, seems like this is now. These days it got a bit colder and it is very windy, but the worst thing is, that we all know this is just a start of winter and we are lucky it is still so warm – usually it is colder in the end of November.
Despite all my whining and complaining I just can’t ignore the fact that in weather like this, I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. At least for me, living in a valley and having a beautiful view on Alps – it is priceless. These days the weather was sunny and the sky was quite clear and visibility amazing. That is why I just had to take some photos of this gorgeous view I have from the area where I live.