Weather is still Portuguese (days 122-123)

Day 122, Monday, 21.01.2013
I didn’t sleep well again and I kept on waking up during the night. I thought I got ill or something, because I woke up all sweaty, but then I realized that all of my beddings are full of moisture, even the bedding under my pillow. Everything! When I woke up in the morning I noticed that my whole window is totally covered with dew. I guess it’s because of so many rainy days in a row. But it’s just awful to wake up in these conditions. I don’t think I could ever get used to this. And the ceiling in our kitchen is getting worse and worse! The mold is just spreading and when it’s raining drops of water just keep on falling down. It’s crazy!
Well anyway, Gaja and I went to school in the morning, because we had to scan some photos and put all of our work on a cd. We did what we had to do and then we wanted to give our cd-s to the professor, but he wasn’t in the classroom, though we talked to him before. Our classmates said he said he’ll be back in about five minutes. We’ve been waiting for more than 15 minutes I’d say, but there was no sign of him. So I just had enough of these Portuguese minutes, so we just left those cd-s in a classroom, told our classmates that we left our work there and we went home. I just got sick and tired of all the waiting and slow motion in Portugal! I admit, I love to work; I love to do something productive or at least do something, not simply sit around and wait!
Oh, and I have to write about the conditions in a park and around school. Because of that extreme weather we had two days ago, there are really some fallen trees in a park and so many damaged branches lying around. There is quite a lot of damage. Then when we got closer to school we noticed there is a huge eucalyptus tree lying broken over small stream and it obviously hit the bridge too, so part of the tree was blocking the sidewalk and it broke part of a concrete fence. Pretty extreme I’d say. Then around the school there were some more broken trees and branches, but I didn’t see that anything would fall on school building, so I guess there was some luck.
When we returned home I started to get that annoying feeling about staying in Portugal. More and more I started to realize that the only thing that is actually convincing me to stay here is the ocean. I just love that and I would love to explore more cities and sights and so on, but honestly, I just can’t stand Portuguese lifestyle anymore. That’s just not me. And I feel bad because I didn’t try to surf, but I really wanted to do that these last days, but now the weather is just awful and I guess waves are too big anyway, so I guess that experience will have to wait for a little longer.
So to make it official, I’m returning to Slovenia in February and I’m not coming back to Portugal for the second semester. I had enough. =) Maybe most people can’t understand my decision and they would say: “You’re so stupid, take the opportunity!” Well honestly, that’s what I’ve been saying to myself, but I just can’t. I really had enough. =)

Day 123, Tuesday, 22.01.2013

It was so windy outside in the morning. Well actually the weather through the day just kept on changing all the time, so it was more or less typical Portuguese weather. When I just thought maybe I should do some laundry it started to rain and so on… But it stayed windy for most of the day, so I just stayed indoors. I studied some Portuguese anyway, because we have the exam tomorrow. I just feel that I shouldn’t look at all the Portuguese papers anymore, because I have a feeling that more that I’m trying to learn, the less I know. =)
Also I found information about sending package with part of my luggage back home. I found one option where you pay for the size of the package, but the weight limit is 40kg, so that would be great! I have to get myself some large box these days and just pack the heaviest stuff and send it home. It’s much cheaper than paying extra weight at the airport. So that’s what I will do. =)
Anyway, here are some photos that I did yesterday on my way to ESAD. You can see some damaged trees and just simply some mess that the wind did… Oh, and photos are made with my Olympus, so they are not the best quality I guess… =)

The Weirdest bad day (day 121)

Day 121, Sunday, 20.01.2013
I got woken up by a siren at 7:00. It’s the same siren as usually every day at 13:00, but sometimes it happens it goes off in the middle of the day. I have no idea why, but sometimes it just goes on and on for about five minutes. And today it was so early in the morning. I always think there must be a reason for all that noise and that maybe there is actually some sort of panic and alert and that maybe we have to evacuate or something. It just freaks me out sometimes. And again I didn’t know why it went off, but it was just so weird because it never went off this early before. I just hate all this alarms and sirens all the time. I guess I’m not used to live in the city or something.
Well anyway, when I realized there is nothing to worry about and no reason to panic, I just turned on my other side and covered myself with a blanket and went back to sleep for about two more hours. Then I had my breakfast and got dressed and so on. The weather outside seemed ok today, though it was still cloudy. Well just as I decided to go to buy some groceries it started to rain just a little bit. When I got around the corner of our building it was raining so much that I just had to open up my already damaged foldable umbrella. Then on my way to the store I passed the fire department and I have no idea what was going on there, but my head started to hurt really bad when I passed that building. But when I was a couple of hundred meters away the pain just disappeared. I was weird. Well then I was at the store and I wanted to buy myself a new umbrella, but they didn’t have any, so I had to return back home with the damaged one. It was still raining and now it got windy again. Then again when I passed that fire department my head started to hurt as hell! I have no idea why! Maybe there is some sort of frequency that I can’t hear but my body can feel it or something? I really don’t know, but it was the worst headache I ever had. And because of all the wind my umbrella got turned around like five times on my way home, so it got even more damaged and now it’s really ready for meeting a dumpster.
When I returned home I was so tired and I was shaking and my head didn’t feel well. I can say for sure that this was the weirdest and most tiring walk to the store I ever had. It was so weird! So when I returned I just had to lie down for few minutes and relax. I got better, but I wasn’t totally ok for the rest of the day. So it has been a weird day and I really couldn’t do anything very useful, except maybe like a half of hour of learning Portuguese language. So today it is officially the weirdest bad day I’ve had here in Portugal. =)

It looks quite ok here...
It looks quite ok here…

And it's more or less totally flat now... =)
And it’s more or less totally flat now… =)
Now it doesn't look so good...
Now it doesn’t look so good…

Extreme weather today (day 120)

Day 120, Saturday, 19.01.2013
Whole night was extremely windy and it was scary to listen all that howling of the wind. So I didn’t sleep well because of it. When I woke up I didn’t want to get out of the bed, because I wasn’t sure if I want to lift the roller blind up, or should I leave it down. I didn’t want to spend all day in a dark room, so I lifted it. It was still so windy outside! When I looked at the aerials on the roofs I wasn’t sure if they will hold, or will they be just blown away. It was like that throughout the whole day. Dumpsters at the end of our street were lying on a ground, there were some broken branches on a sidewalk, a drying rack for clothes was lying on a roof and also that trolley with a bag, which old people use for shopping – that was ON a roof too! Where was that grandma that owns it, I don’t know. Maybe the wind blew her away? =S
Well we checked some news and photos we found on the internet and it looks like there is a Red Alert for the whole country. The ocean is flooding, waves were 10m high, winds are actually blowing with more than 100km/h and also rivers are flooding more inside of the country. So these really are extreme weather conditions! Damir went to the bakery during the day and only one was open, because others were out of electricity. We were without electricity for about two hours in the morning. Anyway, Damir said he had seen a bird that was flying and suddenly a gust of wind just threw it on the ground and then a car ran him over. So it’s a bad day for birds as well. =S And also bad day for trees, because he said there is a lot of broken and fallen trees in a park.
Then in the evening he decided to go to Foz do Arelho by his bike. He is one crazy person! He said waves are really extreme there, wind is even stronger than here in Caldas and there is sand all over the air of course. People aren’t shuffling snow but sand! There are broken street signs and damaged street lamps everywhere. So yes, weather is crazy and extreme. I kind of wanted to go out of the house to see it, but on the other hand I didn’t want to catch a cold or something, because it was really so windy and rainy and cold… I’m more of a summer person; this weather is just not for me. =) So here are just few photos that I did through the windows of our apartment.

Trolley and some clothes on a roof
Trolley and some clothes on a roof
Drying rack on a roof
Drying rack on a roof
Dumpsters and branches on a sidewalk...
Dumpsters and branches on a sidewalk…