I went on the same tour as the last time, so my day started quite early. This time I had a different tour guide, but he was very nice and friendly and he really shared a lot of new information that I didn’t hear the last time. We had a bit different order this time and a bit different timing at every stop, but I think all that was better this time. I had enough time to get some great shots at every location. This time I took my own tripod with me, because it is much lighter and easier to use, even though it doesn’t have smooth movements and it gets a bit shaky when it’s windy. But I think I still managed to get some nice footage.
And I kind of enjoy when people ask me questions about the videos and about this job in general. And everybody is interested in when I am from. I met some people that have been to Slovenia before and they all said they loved it and that it is a beautiful country. I know it is, I love our mountains and scenery too, but I guess I am just used to it.
When I got back I quickly ate some lunch and then my roommate and I went to the beach. Ah, nice sandy beach. Last time we were in Mindelo we went to the beach at night and it seemed a bit ugly and dirty. Today we went during the day and we couldn’t be more wrong. The beach was so nice! Amazing turquoise blue water, sandy beach and not too many people! Ah, perfect, even though it was quite windy. But we didn’t care. We went into water just to have a short swim and it was so nice. The water was quite warm. And the views were amazing, even though the beach is right around the corner of the port. It’s all the mountains and the nearby islands that make it nice. The best is probably some small island that looks more like a large high rock in the middle of water. We enjoyed the warm sunny weather and we just lied on a beach for about an hour. We had sand all over us, but we didn’t care, it was worth it. Things like this really make you love this job even more. How many jobs do you know that allow you to spend some free time on a nearby beach, possibly different beach every few days? =)


Today I went on a trip around the island again. This time we’ve been on the island La Gomera, part of Canary Islands. Nice island, a little smaller than the others I think and it’s shape is almost round. But it has a lot of mountains, valleys and a lot of cliffs and rocky coastline. But it sure does look pretty amazing. I liked the scenery, although it is a little bit “empty” island, because there isn’t many villages and not many random houses in the middle of nowhere. But maybe that’s what makes it more pure.
I think my favourite part of the trip was when we were driving through some jungle. Our guide said that forest is part of Unesco natural heritage and it’s a national park. The whole forest is one of the oldest on the world, if I remember right, and once when these islands were still part of the mainland, this was part of a large forest that grew through the large part of Europe, part of northern Africa and what are now as Canary islands. If I remember the facts right, this is the largest part of it that still exists and there are few smaller parts on other Canary islands. When you drive through it you really see it is a jungle and I feel a little sad because we didn’t go out of the bus there and maybe walk through it a little. Maybe that’s a good enough reason to return some day. They say this island is great for hiking and mountain biking, so I guess I should revisit.
So I had another amazing trip full of gorgeous scenic. Because the girl I was replacing just left two days ago, this was the first time I was filming all by myself. Now I got the real picture how my job will look like in the next few months. To be honest… I love it! I’ve been here for about two weeks now and I still enjoy it so much! From time to time I still can’t believe I am here! And if there is something I don’t like too much I just ignore it, I’m not letting any stuff to destroy my happy moments. Well to be honest, there are not many things that I wouldn’t like anyway. =D


We reached the city Santa Cruz on Tenerife island, but since it was the last whole day of this cruise we were quite busy at the gallery. After we finished with work I decided to go for a walk around the town, because the scenery looked really nice through the window. And of course I often heard about Tenerife and everybody loved it, so I had to see at least a little bit.
As soon as I stepped on the shore I fell in love with the island. The views were gorgeous! High green hills, palm trees and the city that seemed just the right size. I walked through the town and I was amazed by the architecture. There is a beautiful fountain with two very interesting modern buildings that have the roof covered with plants. I always liked that type of architecture. Beside that I was impressed by other buildings as well, because most of them are historical and with some character. Another thing I loved was the street in old town, more like an avenue, but it’s a pedestrian zone, so there were no cars. The whole length of the street was full of trees, benches and really nice shops. At one part of the street I reached a small square with more amazing and unique trees. I realized I was in front of the city hall or something like that. There were also a lot of red Christmas star flowers – I am not sure how they are actually called, but I know them as Christmas star flowers. I had no idea they can just grow outdoors like that. In Slovenia we usually have them indoors.
Anyway, I really enjoyed the walk around the city. I was impressed by the amount of nice shops as well. I don’t really shop a lot, but this time I actually needed some new clothes and accessories, a little bit also because I didn’t pack a lot of stuff. Well I didn’t buy any clothes, but I managed to get a really useful purse that can be used in three different combinations. Very interesting. So yay, a successful day if you ask me.
When I was returning back to the ship I was looking at the houses on top of the hills and I imagined how nice views they must have from up there. I was a little bit sad, because I didn’t have time to explore the island or the rest of the city, but I decided that I will return some day. So far this is one of my favourite locations I have ever visited. Actually, I was so impressed by the city and I felt so at home that I said to myself that this might be my dream place to live someday. Well, first I would still like to visit and try to live in California, but if that plan fails, I think I found my plan B.
Anyway, in the evening we went out again, had some drinks, went to the night club and so on. I wasn’t really in the mood for party and I was quite tired, so I went back to the ship sooner than most of the others. And also we had to work in the morning, so I really needed some sleep.

This was the last cruise day, so people were leaving in the morning. The girl I was replacing left as well, so we had to say goodbye. I must say I will miss her, even though I knew her for only a week, but she was really nice and we got along very well. I hope we’ll still keep in touch.
Anyway, again I had to work in the morning and later a new group of people arrived, so I had to shoot the video again. I got some really nice shots. After all that I had to edit all the footage and I did it faster than I thought I would, but when I exported the video I realized I forgot about some settings at the beginning, so I had to do everything all over again. Oh well, it happens, but now I know about this mistake and I will hopefully not do it again. So yeah, quite a busy day and sadly no time for me to have a walk around the city again. Hopefully next time, if nothing else, I’ll book my vacation here.


I really want to have this blog more up to date, but the internet on the ship often doesn’t work and even if it does, it is usually too slow to upload any photos. So there is no other way than to wait for some good Wi-Fi spot when we will be at some harbour, but that is if I will have time to use it of course.
So anyway, this day our ship was at the harbour at the town Mindelo on the island of Sao Vincente. This time I was assigned as an escort to one of the buses that went on the short trip around the island. It was about four hours long trip and we visited some locations around Mindelo, African market, fruit market, handicraft museum and cultural centre. Very interesting to see, though I wasn’t really able to pay much attention, because I had to work – that means I was running around with my camera and clumsy tripod. =)
From the city we went up to the closest mountains to get some nice views, although the visibility wasn’t the best and the wind up there was really blowing like crazy. While I was filming the wind was actually shaking the heavy tripod, but I noticed that later when I was editing the footage. We went to some sand dunes at the coast. The sand gets to the island from the Sahara desert and they say that when the wind is blowing from that direction the visibility can be even worse. So yeah, we got the chance to walk on the desert sand.
After that we went to a small town that is quite popular spot for tourists and locals with a bit more money. You noticed that right away because the houses looked much nicer and finished. They said that a lot of the houses are owned by the people that live abroad, so they are mostly used just as summer houses. But it’s nice, right at the sea side with nice beach and great waves and winds for surfing, kiting or windsurfing. Well at that town we stopped at some local restaurant where we had a snack and got the chance to see a traditional local dance. Seems like people of Cape Verde enjoy some sort of mating dance, or at least it seemed that way. And oh my, after the main dance was over they pulled people out of the crowd to dance with them… and guess what, that guy decided to pick me… My resistance didn’t really work, he just pulled me out on a dance floor… Haha! But hey, I admit, it was quite fun, even though I looked very dumb and I had no idea what I was doing. =)
We returned back to the ship quite early, so I just ate some lunch and went for a short walk to the town of Mindelo. I decided to buy some souvenirs, because I would like to have something small from every location we visit if there will be a chance. This time I bought a nice pair of earrings that are actually made out of sea shell.
I must admit, all these trips are quite tiring, especially because when I get back I must still edit all the footage from the day. But when you think about it, this is why I get to see all the interesting places! So yeah, totally worth it!


We started our day at the Porto Novo on San Antao island, still part of Cape Verde. There were no docks big enough for our ship, so we were anchored nearby and we were tendering to the coast. I knew what tendering was, but I have never done it with one of the large tender boats.
Again, many small buses waited there for us. This day it first the first time I did all the video, so I was carrying around the tripod, which can be quite annoying sometimes. We drove through the mountains, first they were quite dry, later very green and full of different plants. Well mostly there were palm trees and sugar canes. Well this supposed to be the most beautiful of the Cape Verde islands, so our expectations were quite high. It was beautiful and again the views were amazing, but I still think I liked the one yesterday a bit more. I can’t decide. This one has really tall mountains, very deep valleys and more or less just black rocky beaches and cliffs. But it is funny how you see people and lonely houses in the middle of nowhere. You have no idea how to get to those houses and they are so far from any other house, village or town, that you really don’t know how they get anywhere. I know these people are used to it and they don’t need much, also they mostly grow all the food they need, but still, it is very unusual to us.
We stopped many times to take photos and all the views reminded me of parts of Asia from time to time, especially because there were terraces everywhere. The terrain is most of the time so steep that they really don’t have a choice, but to build terraces, where they grow different fruits and vegetables.
Once again our lunch was very good and even I was able to find something for myself. I ate some fruit that I have no idea what is was. It was peeled, so I couldn’t see how it originally looked like and I forgot to ask. It was small, like a size of a kiwi fruit, but it was red and tasted totally different, but very good.
So to put it in short, it was another amazing day full of beautiful views. Hopefully my videos will look great when I check them out and edit them all together. Once again, I feel tired, but blessed to be part of this amazing opportunity, or adventure if you will… =)