Nature is waking up

Yaaay, finally spring is here and nature is waking up, everything is starting to grow and bloom, everything smells freshh and bees are flying all around – though one landed on my arm today and I had a bit of a project to get it off without hurting the bee and without it stinging me – mission successful!
Well I just had to get out these days and take some photos. Here are some I made yesterday, on a warm spring sunny day. To me, taking photos of beautiful nature really is the beast peace I can get. I simply love it. =)

Ice Age is melting

We are having a bit like an ice age here in Slovenia. I must say that I’m really happy our town and area around didn’t get the worst scenario, but many places did. For few days they say there were about 10% of slovenian households without electricity, many still don’t have it after five days! Some cities and villages are really like in ice age – so much ice everywhere, so many trees falling down, so much damage and general danger for everyone. Even our ZOO got in some trouble (this is actually quite funny) – two lynxs escaped and killed their neighbour chamois (like a mountain goat).
Anyway, at least around my home the situation got from a bit frozen to melting and I just went out to take some photos and see how much damage there is. Honestly, I can’t believe there is only few broken branches on the ground! We were so lucky! So here are some photos of our ice age coming to an end – hopefully in other parts of Slovenia as well!

Fallen leaves, Fallen leaves…

If anyone didn’t notice yet, autumn is here. Maybe not in all countries around the world, but here it is. Leaves changed their color, most of them already fell on the ground and many already got dry and brown. I like autumn when weather is still quite warm and sunny, I love how the whole nature changes colors and makes everything so much more interesting. But then all that stuff I love just goes away and everything prepares for cold winter and snowy days. Grrr, I must not think about that. It is probably much better idea to simply watch these photos of fallen leaves and get stuck in this moment for a bit longer…

Winter isn’t gone yet

It’s time for sunny days, warmer weather and spring plants to start growing, but it seems like weather doesn’t care about that. We got another package of snow these days. It’s not smart to go out of the house with your car, but well, I guess people have to go places…
Anyway, I was away from home for the weekend and these are three photos I made. I know it’s the same tree, but I couldn’t decide which photo I prefer, so I just put all three up here. =)