Snowy Alps view

I don’t like winter. I like some things about it, but in general, I don’t like it. I don’t like cold. I admit, snow looks nice and can be full of fun, but that hardly helps with the fact I have to deal with cold. Yeah, I know, I have to dress warm and it is ok… When cold weather starts I always need few days of whining, seems like this is now. These days it got a bit colder and it is very windy, but the worst thing is, that we all know this is just a start of winter and we are lucky it is still so warm – usually it is colder in the end of November.
Despite all my whining and complaining I just can’t ignore the fact that in weather like this, I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. At least for me, living in a valley and having a beautiful view on Alps – it is priceless. These days the weather was sunny and the sky was quite clear and visibility amazing. That is why I just had to take some photos of this gorgeous view I have from the area where I live.


Winter isn’t gone yet

It’s time for sunny days, warmer weather and spring plants to start growing, but it seems like weather doesn’t care about that. We got another package of snow these days. It’s not smart to go out of the house with your car, but well, I guess people have to go places…
Anyway, I was away from home for the weekend and these are three photos I made. I know it’s the same tree, but I couldn’t decide which photo I prefer, so I just put all three up here. =)