Start-Up weekend Ljubljana, 4. – 6. april 2014

Few weeks ago I came across an information about Start-Up weekend in Ljubljana and it got me quite interested. It seemed like a great idea and opportunity to meet new people, work on some projects, gain new experience and knowledge. Since I don’t have any background in economics, business plan writing and such things, I was sure this was something I have to attend. And so I did.

On Friday afternoon we had a short introduction to the event and after that people with cool ideas presented their visions, innovations and ideas in general. Mine kind of didn’t fit in this context, so I didn’t represent it. After that it was our job to vote for the ones we thought are the best and we picked I think 13 of them. I picked the one named “Safe bike”.

So our group was made out of 11 members (8 women and only 3 guys – interesting, since it was about bicycles…). =D Well anyway, we were working on a security for bikes in city of Ljubljana. We were surprised how people reacted to this idea – they shared our web poll, in a bit over 24 hours about 200 people filled it, over night we got about 40 likes on our Facebook fan page and we talked to some people in person and more or less all of them supported us and many even wanted to help us in future! So hey, obviously everybody is having trouble with bike safety in Ljubljana.
On Sunday we even went to Kongresni trg in centre of Ljubljana and we washed bikes and kept them safe for few hours (free of charge of course). People were so excited about the idea! And we were surprised that we got our first “clients” in first half of hour! So it seems our idea really is something worth working on in future!

I am soooooo happy I went to this event. It was such a great experience, I met many awesome people, got so many ideas and knowledge, so I am sure this will all help me with my career in future. I am grateful for every working minute of this weekend – and hey, I even sacrificed my birthday for this! =D But still, totally worth it! =D

At the end our team didn’t win the whole Start-Up weekend event, but we did get positive feedback so we are still motivated and willing to work on this project. But first we need to have some rest, because it was a tough working weekend for us. But it seems like we are all still inspired and motivated to continue this, so if you think you could help us somehow, we would appreciate any help or advice we can get. =)

For now, here is a short video clip from our Sunday pop-up project (we used it as part of presentation of our project), and some photos from the whole event. =)



P.R.A.V.I. and “Coworking”

Yesterday I attended two different interesting events that were more or less meant for young people, fresh (or not so fresh) job-seekers with wish to learn more, to be active and to gain new experiences.
First event was called P.R.A.V.I. and it was supported by many different Slovenian companies (or Slovenian branches of international companies), including IBM Slovenia, National Geographic Slovenia, Kompas MTS, Adecco and others. This was more like a workshop that was held in modern office space of IBM in Kristalna Palača, Ljubljana. We were divided in groups and every group worked on a project for a different company – I was in group of Kompas MTS and we had a mission to find new ideas and develop a bit like a marketing plan for new daily tourist packages. We gathered some very interesting ideas, but too bad there wasn’t enough time to make our vision more clear and specific.
I admit, I really liked working in that team, because all the people were so positive, full of ideas and simply nice to be around. I guess that’s what happens when you put more enthusiastic and career oriented people in the same room, or around the same table. Well I was in charge of “public presentation” of our project – it seems like they noticed I’m the most hyped and talkative person in our group. Honestly, I was in such good mood that I had to control myself not to talk too much. Haha!
Well yeah, this was quite nice and interesting experience. I realized that obviously I’m very good at working in a team, even leading a team and that I am actually very good at brainstorming. I’m thinking how to use this “newly discovered” skills in the future, but I’m sure opportunity will show itself when the time is right. =)

Anyway, after this event I went to some lecture in centre of Ljubljana, where some guy explained few things about co-working – or to be more specific, about new available space in the city, where people can rent a table or office, meet new innovative and creative people, share knowledge etc.. He said that they are building even a small photo studio (mostly for product photography) and that there is even a 3D printer that you can use. Maybe I don’t need these services at the moment, but I think it’s good to know about this option, because you never know when it can be useful.

Now just for some better presentation here are some photos from the event P.R.A.V.I. and I think this is one of very rear times, when I’m not the author of the photos in the blog post. Author is Istok Lenarčič (, that was kind enough to give me permission to use these photos here. =)