From Ljubljana to Frankfurt

If anyone was not sure where I am and why there are no new blog posts (again…) – it’s because I got a job. I will be a video operator and photographer on a cruise ship for the next few months. So this blog will probably be a little more abandoned, it depends how much time will I have to write something and if I will be able to get an internet connection anywhere.

To me, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, because I love to travel and I always wanted to travel, but at the same time I really wanted to take photos and make videos. When this opportunity came, I just had to take it, even though it was quite hard decision. Even if you really want to go, there are people that will be left behind and you know in advance that you will miss them like crazy sooner or later. But in my heart I knew from the start that I must at least try.

I just got this job offer on Friday, 28. December and today it was already my departure, so I only had few days to buy my uniform, new shoes, get my passport and pass the medical tests… So many things could have gone wrong, but none did! Everything went smoothly, I even got discounts on all the needed clothes and shoes, and if I needed five shirts, they had exactly five shirts and so on… I needed 80cm of some fabric for some dress, and when I went to the shop, they had exactly 80cm of that fabric… Maybe these were the signs this job was really meant to be…

So here I am. My first day away from home. I had a flight from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Frankfurt, Germany. This was my first time travelling (or at least flying) alone and it was super exciting, but a little bit scary at the same time. It was hard to say hello to my family and when I walked inside the airplane emotions took over and I thought I will start crying, but I managed to keep it together. So now I’m in Frankfurt, leaving to La Palma in Canary Islands tomorrow. I guess this is a start of a new adventure and I can’t even start describing how happy I am for this opportunity, no matter what happens.

Sailing – Day 1 – From Trogir to Drvenik

About a month ago I went sailing in Croatia with some friends for four days. We were lucky to catch very warm sunny days at start of the autumn. Actually we had better weather than it was in the middle of summer and the water was still so warm we were able to swim. It was really great time off.
I’ll divide these posts on days again, so here is our first day. We started in marina Trogir, but our first day was a little bit cloudy. Just when we got around the corner (by corner I mean behind the cape) we noticed something jumping out of the water. At first we thought about dolphins, but no, there was a group of tuna fish chasing a group of smaller fish. They were jumping out and they really made a show for us. We’ve all been to the seaside before, most of us have been on a boat before, but none of us have ever seen these fish jumping out like this. It was amazing, even more because we just started our short vacation.
We sailed to some bay, where we stopped for a swim, then we continued our trip to the island Veli Drvenik. Me and my brother call this town a “Fail village”, because there is so much weird stuff. They have a lot of old cars, most of them broken and abandoned, but they don’t remove them, they just push them to some field or in some corner and that’s it. It’s also funny how they “fix” cars and other stuff with things you would never think of. Also some roads that lead to the houses are very narrow and you wouldn’t think any car goes there, but obviously it does and some people even think they have to mark their property with a “Private parking” sign… I have no idea who would park a car there anyway… So yeah, it really is a little bit like a “Fail village”. It makes you laugh on every corner. =)
Anyway, that was our first day and here are the photos.

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Grožnjan, Istria

I know, I know… It’s been a really long time since my last post, but there was so much stuff going on that my photos were just waiting on the computer. I’m working on some projects and I took a lot of photos lately, but I just didn’t find time to edit them and write something. Nevertheless, today I managed to organize myself and with more than a month of delay, here are some photos from the last day of a weekend in Istria. You can read about the first two days at some previous blog posts – Day one at Novigrad and day two at Pelegrin and Poreč.

Anyway, we spent our third day at a small town (or maybe it is more a village) named Grožnjan. It is a bit more inland of Istria, close to Slovenian border, but I’ve never been there before. They say it is an artist town, mostly occupied by painters. I’ve heard about how great it is, how nice, full of live and so on… So maybe I expected a little bit too much out of it. I mean, yes, I did like it, but maybe I wasn’t so excited about it, because it was already a bit off season and there wasn’t so much going on. There were some people, some shops were still open, but in general my impression of this town was a bit too “slow and lazy” for my taste. It is probably very nice for retired people or for those seeking a lot of peace and art. I like that stuff too, but here it was just too much for my taste. But hey, if you are in the area, I still think it is worth the visit. If nothing else, the views are great from up there!

Oh, and just so you know – when you see the road sign for Grožnjan, turn that way and when you think you got lost and you maybe missed some road, well, you probably didn’t. There is just not many signs that would let you know you are going the right way. And when you reach the top there are parking spaces, so don’t worry, unless it is a day with a lot of tourists.

From Pelegrin to Poreč

Second day of my weekend at the sea side. We went for a short ride to a small village named Pelegrin. Until now I always just passed it by, but now we stopped and I took some photos. The place is nothing special to be honest, but it is nice for a walk along the shore and to enjoy some peace and quiet, since there is not many people.
I took more photos in the afternoon, when we went to Poreč. I know this town very well, because I visit it every year, usually more then once. But this time it was total different experience, because they had some sort of Medieval Days or some event like that. Ok, I guess it was more like 17th century event, but either way, it was amazing! The whole town looked a bit like back in time. The main square had some towers and banners, there were stands with different things – local wines, honey, oil and other food for example. Then they had a cute merry-go-round with baskets, so kids were able to sit in there and some man pushed them around. So cute! And they had that game, you’ve probably seen it on tv or in some book, when court jester sits on some shelf and people are throwing stones at the target. If they hit the target the jester falls in a barrel full of water. So funny, but people actually really enjoy doing that. I guess that type of fun never gets old! =D
Beside all that, there were a lot of people dressed in clothes from that are. Girls with pretty hair, make-up, corsets and wide skirts, then lower class people with simple clothes and they even had sick people that were dressed in some worn-out potato bags or something like that. When you walked among these people you were almost convinced that you are in a wrong era.
After we finished walking around the town and we decided to go back to the car, we passed a large tribune. We’ve seen it before, but now it started to fill, so we joined the crowd. They had knights competition, where knights had to ride a horse and hit the target (some weird moon-like sad face picture) with a spear. People were obviously quite happy with the event, because they were cheering and waving like they probably did in old times. So cool!
Anyway, this was an interesting day and I really hope they will continue with events like this, because they are unique, educational and I am sure they attract a lot of tourists.
Here are some photos from Saturday.

Old town Škofja Loka

Last weekend we decided to have a short trip to Škofja Loka. I’ve been to this town before, but never in the old town square or up in the castle. So basically this was all new to me. It was nice and sunny day until we got up to the castle. Moments after we got inside and started to view the exhibition when it started to rain outside. But hey, who cares about the weather outside, when you have so many interesting things in the castle. Luckily it stopped raining when we finished the tour and we had to go outside. Lucky us!
When we arrived to the castle some lady welcomed us. We were surprised when we learned about the ticket price, it was only 3€ for students. Really cheap, considering there is so much to see. And that lady was so nice and she told us a little bit about the castle and about the exhibitions, so we were really impressed.
The castle above Škofja Loka is full of history that is connected to the area. You learn about the coat-of-arms of the municipality, the area size through different decades, you learn about some traditions, trades and crafts that thrived around there. There is also a part dedicated to the hat factory that is in the town. Some rooms are dedicated to famous Slovenian impressionist painter Ivan Grohar and some are dedicated to famous Slovenian writer Ivan Tavčar. There are different objects from few thousand years ago and some that are relatively new – from World War I and II for instance. And for all the fans of modern art there is even a part dedicated to some modern painters.
We were very impressed by this renovated castle and we think they really did a great job. The whole museum is very interesting and there are different topics from very different part of history, so I am sure everyone can find something that he or she would like. And they even have a drawbridge, but sadly it wasn’t working when we were there. I think they are still trying to make it operational, but when it will actually work I believe it is going to be amazing. Especially for the kids!
So yes, I would definitely recommend this visit and I am sure you would like the old town square and buildings there. You can see this is a medieval town, because they are still trying to keep that feeling. Even all the commercial signs in the old part of town are iron and in antique style. And while we were there they were just renovating some streets and they were paving them with new granite cubes. So yeah, thumbs up for all that.
Anyway, here are some photos of the Škofja Loka castle, the town and some details in the area.