Outside of Technical Museum Bistra, Slovenia

We spent Saturday at Technical museum in Bistra. Last time I’ve been there it was probably more than ten years ago, so why not revisit it and see what is new. This building complex used to be a monastery, so it’s old, it is huge and it has some typical medieval elements that I simply love. So perhaps I wasn’t so excited about visiting the museum, but maybe more about the building itself. =)
Well in case you are planning to go there I recommend it’s on a day without rain, because otherwise it can probably be annoying to walk from one building to another, since not all of them are connected. We were lucky that it was just cloudy. And I think museum is worth visiting, though for us that visited it as kids is probably a little bit boring, since we’ve seen most of the stuff already… But the price is good and the visit is worth the money. =)
Anyway, for now here are some photos of the buildings and a park that surrounds them. I might post some photos of different exhibited objects next time.

Sunny monday turns cloudy (day 75)

Day 75 – Monday, 03.12.2012
Well today started as a nice sunny day, but soon it turned out as a cloudy grey day and it stayed like that for the rest of it. Oh well, at least it wasn’t windy and too cold. It was like a usual autumn day, though it’s actually already winter and it’s snowing in Slovenia. So I guess I have nothing to complain about. But when I think about it a bit, I think I actually miss snow a little. You know, just watching small snowflakes falling down and when everything is white and there is a fireplace making this cozy feeling in the house… Yes, I miss that.
Anyway, I didn’t do anything really worth mentioning in the morning exept maybe editing some more photos and saving some on them on my USB, so I’ll be able to print them and take them to school. Gaja and I decided to go to school a bit later because we didn’t want to just sit there and throw away our time again. But before we went to class we stopped at Vivaci where I wanted to print those photos but I couldn’t because USB didn’t work. Oh well, next time I guess… So I have to bring my photos to the class next week. We stayed at class just for a short time and then we returned home because Gaja had a photoshooting later.
I went on a mission of finding a hula hoop, but couldn’t find it at two of the stores I thought they will have it. So I’m still searching for it. I think I know where they might have it. And you might ask why do I want a hula hoop. Well I saw few videos of it these days and I realised I always wanted to learn how to spin it. I mean, I did that at school when I was a kid, but I never managed to spin it for a long time. So I decided I’ll buy it and try to master it now. =) I just hope I’ll be able to get it somewhere around here. =)
So I spent most of my evening just watching some series and when Damir returned back from school we hanged out in a kitchen a bit. Well, not just a bit, I think it was about two hours of chat, because when you put two people that can talk all the time in the same room, it’s almost never ending talk… =)
And here are some more photos that I took yesterday at the park, but I edited them today.

Green grounds and fallen leaves (day 74)

Day 74 – Sunday, 02.12.2012
Another sunny morning and again time for some laundry. We have these sunny days for this because nobody knows how long they will last. After my workout exercises I decided to go out a bit and take some photos. So I went to that large park behind the hospital and this time I took my Canon 60d with me, because I didn’t go jogging and I could afford to take a larger camera. =)
I think I spent about a hour or hour and a half in that park. I really enjoyed it because it is simply beautiful park and it was just perfect because of the sun. To me it looks just like from a fairytale and colours there are amazing. Green grounds with orange fallen leaves and clear blue sky… Amazing. So today there is just few photos because I decided to take a bit more time for editing them and so I couldn’t edit a lot more. I’ll post some more of them tomorrow.
Anyway, after my photo mission I returned home and had some lunch. I also gave our kitchen some winter spirit by posting those paper snowflakes on a window, just as I did in my room yesterday. It is snowing in Slovenia today, so I brought some snow to our apartment too. =)
Later I talked to my family on Skype, because my mom was having a small birthday party and all of my reletives were there, so it was really fun to see them all! I even saw my cousins daughter and she’s growing so fast! When I’ll return she’ll probably already talk and say whole sentances. For now she was just looking at computer monitor all confused how is it possible that something from the monitor is calling her name and waving to her. =) So it was really nice to get some ‘family love’ from everybody. =)
Well most of the evening I spent editing following photos and that’s pretty much it for today. But I think it was nice and productive day and finally I really took time to play with photo editing possibilities. Though I know I could do even better if my laptop monitor wouldn’t be that bad and poor machine is just suffering when editing raw photos… New laptop next year, definitely.

Flea Market (day 53)

Day 53 – Sunday, 11.11.2012
This night the weather was changing all the time. It was raining hard for few minutes, then it stopped, then it started again and so on. It kept going like that throughout most of the morning. Weird weather. As usually I woke up first and I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I swept the floor of my room again, and as always it looked like I’ve never cleaned my room before, though I really clean it every second day. There is so much dust and I have no idea where it comes from.
Anyway, after doing few useful things I decided to get in my geeky mood and I played some computer games. It was just one of those days when I really want to get a bit geeky and it’s just me and my computer. =) Also I checked some more episodes of Friends and that cheered me up even more. And then my California dreaming mood came back… Some day… ah… =)
Ok so in the afternoon we went to the flea market in the park. They say it’s every second Sunday in month, and this was today. We were surprised to see so many different things. And not only small things but also some large pieces of furniture! It was actually pretty amazing! If I could I would buy so many tables and chairs and probably some closets too. I was surprised to see that most of them are in really good condition. I took some photos, but now I wish I would take make Canon 60d instead of Olympus. But now I know for the next time. =)
And well, that was pretty much it for the day. I’m still getting myself together and waiting for my health to restore to full power. =)

Running in Portugal (day 48)

Day 48 – Tuesday, 6.11.2012
Yesterday I forgot to mention that when I went to the shop I smelled something and I had to ask myself again, to check if it’s true: “It’s November, isn’t it? In Slovenia they just had snow, and they have cold and rain now? Is it possible?” Yes, it was possible; it was the smell of freshly mowed grass! How amazing is that?! =D
Well this morning was pretty much as amazing as that smell yesterday. It was warm and sunny! I love it when I can have my window open wide and I get that great positive energy from the sun. Well soon I had enough of sitting indoors and the sun made me want to go out. Nobody else was in the mood, so I went by myself and I went running for the first time since I’m in Portugal. It took me long enough to do that, I’ve been here for more than a month! I decided to go for a run in a park that’s really close to where we live. It’s more or less at the end of our street, about 500 meters away. Until now, I still haven’t visited this park, though many people told me it’s nice but lonely and more raw, pure and untouched. I took my small Olympus TG-620 camera with me, because I was able to put it in my pocket. I was running through the park and when I was a bit out of breath I stopped and took some photos, than ran some more, took some photos and so on. I didn’t run as much as I could because I just loved the feeling of being outdoors, take photos, move my body and enjoy the warm sunny weather. If the internet was correct, it was about 20°C! It was amazing! =) Photos are at the end of this post.
After lunch, Gaja and I went to school to pick the photos we developed yesterday and we let them to dry through the night. We got them and the film we forgot in the developing room yesterday. =) Just when we were walking down the stairs to leave the school we bumped into our Brazilian friends and we talked a bit. We laughed when I said that word Domingo (Sunday) reminds me of Flamingo, you know, those pink birds. Then I said: “Let’s go see Flamingo on Domingo!” =D It’s always fun to meet these guys! =D
Then we went to the Vivaci where I bought myself a Fitness Ball that I will use for some exercises, but mostly I will use it as my chair, because otherwise my back hurts. The chair in my room is really not suitable for sitting for long time. It took me some time, but I managed to pump it and now I can sit on it! Yay! But I really hate the smell of that weird rubber or plastic in my room! I’m doing my best to get rid of the smell, but I think it will take me a few days to achieve that. =) Anyway, now I have a ball and a Yoga mat to put on the floor when I feel like doing some exercises.
The bad news for the day is that Filip got very ill and he doesn’t feel good. It could be the surfing in these cold and windy conditions, but who knows. We all hope he’ll get well soon, because he’s leaving on Thursday! Oh well, these things happen from time to time.