Feeling the space travel at KSEVT, Vitanje

Ok, so I didn’t actually feel the space travel, but this place gets you a step closer to that. KSEVT building is dedicated to space travel and it is named after Slovenian space technology pioneer Herman Potočnik Noordung. There is an exhibition dedicated to his life, then to his work, to some fictional space ideas and also a part that represents actual space travel things and problems. It is quite interesting, probably even more to those that are very into this stuff.
This place is in a small village named Vitanje in Koroška, Slovenia. For us that live in more central part of Slovenia this is more or less in the middle of nowhere, but to be honest, it is not that far away and the scenery is really nice and pure.
Why I wanted to visit this place is the architecture. The KSEVT building got some awards and to me it is simply amazing, even though I am often not very thrilled about modern architecture. I really wanted to see it, to go inside, to take some photos… So I did.

Ok, I just have to tell you a little bit about this building – it looks a bit like a space ship, maybe even more because it is in the middle of a small and very ordinary Slovenian village and its shape is round. At first it looks like the whole structure is made only by windows and metal, but it actually contains concrete and wooden elements too. It is designed so you walk uphill and then downhill around the building when you walk through the exhibition. It is similar on the roof, because you can go around in circle, uphill and downhill and there is also a roof that leans on one side, so when you see the roof windows and the other “straight” buildings in the area you are a little bit confused what is usual and what is unusual. There is a large round hole in the middle of the first floor and through it you can see the conference room on the ground level. To tell you in short – it is very unusual.

You can see everything I wrote on the photos, but I am sure you can’t feel and appreciate this amazing building if you don’t visit it. The only thing I am sorry about is that I didn’t take photos with my tripod, so in many cases I had to compensate with ISO. So if you ever pass Vitanje make sure you stop at the building and if you have a chance, go inside, visit it, experience the building and feel it. =)

Diploma photos: Water church

I finally decided to put my diploma photos on my blog. I was hiding them for a while, because I know they are a bit different than most photos and also because I wanted to keep some mystery around them. So now that they have been exhibited at my school and at one of the galleries in Ljubljana, I think it’s time I show them up here as well.
Title of series is “Water church”, even though none of the churches are actually named like that, but I just think title fits, because photos include both of these elements. And no, photos are not photoshopped (except some color corrections) and there is no computer liquify effect used on them. I’ll let you figure it out on your own how I did it.
Any comments and critiques are welcome!

My photos got some compliments (days 112-113)

Day 112, Wednesday, 09.01.2013
In the morning I wanted to go buy some groceries, but I started to chat with my brother and we were both so excited and hyped about bHIP business and how it’s starting to grow! So we made a group on Facebook and also an account on Pinterest, so you can check it out if you’re interested. But yeah, we are really full of energy just when we think about it!
Anyway, then one of my class mates started to chat with me and he had some problems with his homework. We realized that it would be too hard to do anything by internet, so we met at our apartment and I showed him how and what he was supposed to do in Photoshop. I guess he understood everything and now he was able to finish the homework for the class tomorrow.
After that I finally went out and walked to the supermarket. I didn’t buy any cookies, because I realized that lately I eat too many of them, so it’s better if I don’t even buy them. =) When I returned Gaja was already in the apartment and she just returned from Slovenia. So now there are three of us living in the apartment again. Well after we all said hello and everything we had to go to school because we had Portuguese language course. I guess slowly we’re making progress there, but I think we’re still quite far from making the whole sentences directly out of the head. We’re all at that point when we still need a dictionary most of the time. But at least we’re making some progress… =)

Day 113, Thursday, 10.01.2013
So I woke up, had my breakfast and again talked about bHIP with my brother. We’re just so excited about it! And also I had to edit some photos, so once again, computer was my friend.
In the afternoon Gaja and I had that Digital Photography class and it was the last time we had it, so we had to bring our final works. When we arrived we were told we have to print those photos, so we went to the printing room. It was a bit of a crowd there, because obviously everybody is printing photos at the end of the semester. But it was fun, because there were some more Erasmus students and we had some fun talking to each other. And that funny guy that works there helped us with printing again. He’s so great! He just kept on joking the whole time! =D
Anyway, when my photos were printed some of my class mates were really interested in them and everybody was asking me how I did that. It’s probably the first time that happened to me. Usually my photos are more ordinary, usual, nothing special, but these light-painting photos with ghost faces obviously got some attention. I posted them in my last blog post and I got some really nice positive feedback as well. So it looks like I really should continue with this and develop it a bit more. I was thinking about making more photos like that, but I just didn’t find the right places for what I want yet, but maybe in future. It’s nice to finally get more positive words about your work! Usually I feel a bit left out, because my photos never stand out. =)
Well, I got back home in a happy mood and since I wanted to continue with that mood I decided to watch some Friends episodes again. That is always fun. =) And now here I am, writing this blog post and trying to force myself into editing some more photos for the class tomorrow.
Oh and here are some photos of BERARDO MUSEUM of Modern and contemporary art. I think I kind of like them. =)