From Ljubljana to Frankfurt

If anyone was not sure where I am and why there are no new blog posts (again…) – it’s because I got a job. I will be a video operator and photographer on a cruise ship for the next few months. So this blog will probably be a little more abandoned, it depends how much time will I have to write something and if I will be able to get an internet connection anywhere.

To me, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, because I love to travel and I always wanted to travel, but at the same time I really wanted to take photos and make videos. When this opportunity came, I just had to take it, even though it was quite hard decision. Even if you really want to go, there are people that will be left behind and you know in advance that you will miss them like crazy sooner or later. But in my heart I knew from the start that I must at least try.

I just got this job offer on Friday, 28. December and today it was already my departure, so I only had few days to buy my uniform, new shoes, get my passport and pass the medical tests… So many things could have gone wrong, but none did! Everything went smoothly, I even got discounts on all the needed clothes and shoes, and if I needed five shirts, they had exactly five shirts and so on… I needed 80cm of some fabric for some dress, and when I went to the shop, they had exactly 80cm of that fabric… Maybe these were the signs this job was really meant to be…

So here I am. My first day away from home. I had a flight from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Frankfurt, Germany. This was my first time travelling (or at least flying) alone and it was super exciting, but a little bit scary at the same time. It was hard to say hello to my family and when I walked inside the airplane emotions took over and I thought I will start crying, but I managed to keep it together. So now I’m in Frankfurt, leaving to La Palma in Canary Islands tomorrow. I guess this is a start of a new adventure and I can’t even start describing how happy I am for this opportunity, no matter what happens.

Dutch Embassy in Ljubljana and BIO50

At the moment there is a design festival BIO50 going on in Ljubljana and there is a lot to see. There are few different locations where you can see exhibited items, but for now I only visited the Dutch Embassy Residence at Koseze in Ljubljana.
I wanted to see this house since it was built, because I’ve seen it on some photos and I though it looked really great. It is very modern, but so classical at the same time. It just fits in the environment, even though most houses around there are totally different.
The items that were exhibited there were mostly furniture and some photos, paintings and everyday objects that were design mostly by Dutch designers. I must say that I loved the couches in the living room and large lounge chairs in the library the most. They are just so cool!
They were so kind they allowed me to take some photos of the exhibition and the building itself. And beside that all the visitors got cookies and tea… It was nice.
So here are the photos that might give you some sort of feeling of space.

Apartments for sale – Lj, Kersnikova

Today I was taking photos of some apartments that are for sale in Ljubljana. At the moment these aren’t actually apartments, but the whole space on 2nd floor was used as an office space with few larger and few smaller rooms. New plan now is to make few renovations and get four apartments out of it.
The place is really nice actually. It isn’t very old, though it is logical that new wall paint and some renovations will be necessary, since the whole purpose of the place will be different. Beside that the biggest plus is the location. This building is right off the main street in Ljubljana, it is around the corner of the most important city bus station, it is 500m away from the main bus and train station. In the other direction it is 500m away from city center and in another direction it is 500m away from Tivoli, the largest park in Ljubljana. So let’s be honest, it’s hard to get more convenient location than this.
I was excited to take some photos, though it was a bit weird taking photos of empty spaces. Since I had very limited time for photographing I had to be fast and in this case empty spaces were really useful, because I didn’t have to worry about staging and moving things around.
So here are the photos.

Ljubljana castle – Ljubljanski grad

This weekend I went to the castle above Ljubljana. I’ve been there quite a few times and I’m always impressed by the amazing renovation they did. I simply love how they combined this medieval complex with some modern touches and it still feels castle-like. I know some people complained at first, saying it doesn’t fit, but I think they did a great job and it seems tourists like it too.

Anyway, at the moment there is an exhibition of National Geographic 50 best photos in the last 126 years since the magazine exists. It is simply amazing! Some photos look almost unreal, but others simply hit you with reality. If you have a chance, go and visit the exhibition, it is worth those 2€ entrance fee.

Since I was at the castle anyway, I used the opportunity to take some photos, though many tourists kept on jumping in front of my camera so I couldn’t do as many photos as I would like to. I guess I’ll have to go there some other time again, not Sunday afternoon.

From ancient Roman times to medieval era and then to modern science

This is a bit long title of the blog post, but I couldn’t think of better way to put all these different eras into one sentence. I was in Ljubljana and now that summer temperatures started there is a lot going on. This weekend there were three events that I checked out.
First I went to ancient Roman times when Ljubljana was named Emona. This year the city is celebrating 2000 years since this ancient city was established and there are different events and exhibitions on this topic. This weekend they made a small Roman military camp in the middle of the park in city centre. I must say I expected more, not only three or four tents and about ten soldiers and ten ordinary citizens and Caesar (or at least it think it was him). I liked the idea, since I am a huge fan of that era in history, but the realization just didn’t meet my expectations. But nevertheless it was still pretty cool and nice to see.
After that I came across a sign that directed me to Medieval fair. That was a pleasant surprise, although the fair was quite small and to be honest, not so interesting. Only few stands and not much cool stuff to check out. Or maybe I just visited too many fairs of this kind and I became more critical. But still, it was interesting to come from ancient times to medieval era. It was like a time machine, from 1st century to probably around 11th century or something like that. Not bad to jump 1000 years in only few minutes. =D
And on top of all that, this weekend there was a science festival called Znastival, so there were stands with different simple science experiments all over the city. I was a bit late, so I only checked a few, but I realized most of them must be interesting to children, to me, most of them were a bit boring. Or maybe I’m just really not very interested in science, or at least not on this level or topic or something. Anyway, it still felt a bit funny to jump from medieval times to more modern and scientific era.
And since I was in Ljubljana and it was a great sunny day, I couldn’t resist to take some ordinary photos too. So here is a small selection from this Saturday. =)