Fallen leaves, Fallen leaves…

If anyone didn’t notice yet, autumn is here. Maybe not in all countries around the world, but here it is. Leaves changed their color, most of them already fell on the ground and many already got dry and brown. I like autumn when weather is still quite warm and sunny, I love how the whole nature changes colors and makes everything so much more interesting. But then all that stuff I love just goes away and everything prepares for cold winter and snowy days. Grrr, I must not think about that. It is probably much better idea to simply watch these photos of fallen leaves and get stuck in this moment for a bit longer…

Warm sunny day (day 61)

Day 61 – Monday, 19.11.2012
Last night Gaja, her boyfriend and her two friends came from Lisbon. Now they will stay here for a few days, but through the day they will be mostly away, because they rented a car and they drive around all the interesting location. I’ll have to do that soon too. This public transport is not so practical here in Portugal.
Well, in the morning I went to the shop on the other part of the city and I decided to change my ordinary route to there. I walked through some streets I already knew, but then I turned into one I’ve never walked before and I think that was a good idea, because it was an interesting street. I passed one house with broken windows, so I looked inside and realized that there must have been a fire not so long ago. The room that was probably a bedroom once was all black and damaged. There were some pieces of bed frame, pieces of mattress and some other damaged things. When I mentioned it to Damir he said he passed this place few days ago and he saw some fire fighters in that area. So maybe it was this fire.
On my way to the shop and on the way back I decided to take some photos. It was just a wonderful day, warm and sunny, so I felt like I simply have to take some photos. Also I saw some nice locations I’d like to shoot too, so maybe I’ll go out tomorrow with my Canon and take some more photos.
In the afternoon I had a class that is usually the boring one. Well, it wasn’t much different today, but I managed to survive. This time I brought my homework, which was inspired by Nan Goldin photos. First I didn’t have a print of my photo and I only had it on USB. So the professor sent me two rooms away where they print photos. There was this really nice guy that helped me do that. Well, he works there anyway and he’s the one that knows how all those printers work. Sometimes I feel so asocial here, because I don’t party, I don’t talk a lot with class mates and I don’t hang out with other students that much. But I don’t know, I think I just didn’t find the right circle of people yet. Otherwise I’m very social person, but I have to be surrounded by the right people. You know, like the ones when you can be relaxed and totally yourself. Well this guy today was somehow like that. =) He asked me where I’m from, how do I like it here in Portugal and so on, and it was just that really nice energy when I just started to talk to him like we know each other for a long time. I like that. It’s funny because I think many people think I’m very quiet person, but when I’m around the right people I talk and talk and you can’t stop me. =) Like here in the apartment when I’m with Gaja and Damir. I can be myself. I can be a bit silly, I can laugh, I can say anything, I can talk all the time and I can just be simply me. I love that feeling. =)
Anyway, I got carried away from what I’ve been saying. =) I got that print of my photo and I realized that it’s a lot different than on my computer. The white balance was totally off and the lightness of photo was very different. One more proof that my laptop isn’t really the right one for photo editing. But in general I got very positive feedback for my photo. The comments I got were that my photo is a bit mysterious, that the story goes much deeper, it has some emotions and it makes you question… Well, I must say I kind of like my photo too. =) You have it in the gallery, with fixed white balance that I hope looks better on normal screens now… =)
On my way back I went to Vivaci and I bumped into Gaja and her “gang”. They were there with a car, so I got myself a ride back home. It was my second time I went through this city by car, but first time through the center and directly to our apartment. =) I’m not sure how I would drive here. I would have to get used to it, because I think my style of driving is totally different than Portuguese people… =)