Church of St. Pankracij above Slovenj Gradec

Few weeks ago this was a random trip to Koroška region in Slovenia. We didn’t have any real plans on what to visit or where exactly to go. This was one of the places we found. We were in Slovenj Gradec and we noticed there is a church on a hill nearby. It actually looked more like a castle from below. Well it actually is some mix of fortress and a church.
So we decided to visit it and at first we were driving around on the wrong streets before we figured it out how to get to the top. And when you are up there it is actually really nice, because it is surrounded with forest (and some house right next to it that doesn’t fit up there if you ask me). But hey, it was a nice random finding and worth the visit if you are in the area.

Burg Hochosterwitz in Austria

Burg Hochosterwitz in German language or Grad Ostrovica in Slovene, is a hill with castle on top and is located in Austria, close to Klagenfurt. I was at Wörthersee during the weekend and this castle is close-by, so it was nice to include it in this trip. I admit, it’s quite impressive castle, cute, medieval and very interesting to me, because I love historical stuff and buildings.
Well I must say, not only that I liked the castle, but I really enjoyed the view too and I just had to take some photos of interesting landscape and fields below me. I admit, it also felt a bit like I’m the queen and there is my land below… Haha! Work people down there, produce some crops! =D
Ok, so enough with jokes… I know it’s actually not funny, because those times were hard… But still, you can’t help the feelings you get in this kind of situations. =) Anyway, this time there is some more photos, so I hope you’ll enjoy them! =)