Mali Grad above Kamnik

Kamnik is my hometown, or to be more specific, I used to live in a house on the outskirts, but the town centre is like home to me too. I also visited a high school there, so I guess it is still like a second home to me. I don’t go to Kamnik very often now, even less to the old part of town, but when I do go, I always like to walk up to the chapel on the hill, because views from there are amazing.
This time it was cloudy, so you couldn’t see the Alps, but it was still nice to see the rooftops of all these old buildings, narrow streets and tiny people below. If you get a chance you really should stop and take a walk through town and up to this chapel.
So here are some photos I took while walking around the chapel Mali Grad above Kamnik.

Stari grad, Kamnik

This is another late blog post from few weeks ago when I went to Stari grad above Kamnik. I haven’t been there this year yet and since it was quite a nice day with some sunny and some cloudy moments, I though why not. Photos turned out quite ok. They’ll be better next time. =)

Šola Idej, Kamnik

Few weeks ago I took some photos in a small gallery Šola Idej, where I had my exhibition last year. I wasn’t sure how the photos will come out, because the whole space is quite white and almost a bit empty. But I was surprised to see the walls full of beautiful and colourful paintings by Slovenian painter Barbara Ravnikar. Now the space looks so much more alive and positive. I like it.
And my website will be up and working soon, so these are the first photos with watermark. =)

Rotovž Caffe in Kamnik

About two weeks ago I took some photos of the second oldest building in Kamnik. It’s from 15th century and it is known as “Seydl house”, because of the first owner Jurlin Seydl. Building is in the old city centre and it is right next to the town hall. It was abandoned for many decades, but about 10 years ago it got new owners that renovated it and brought back it’s former beauty.
On a main ground of the building there is a copy shop, photographer and a bar named “Rotovž Caffe”. On a second story there are some offices and on the floors above there are some apartments. More or less the whole history of the building is written on a wall in a bar, so everyone can read it.
I didn’t have time to publish these photos sooner, so with some delay, here they are now.

Exhibition opening at School 27. Julij, Kamnik

Nekaj dni nazaj sem pisala o moji delavnici z otroci iz šole 27. Julij v Kamniku. Ponosna sem na njihovo delo in opazila sem, da so tudi sami ponosni na svoje izdelke. Včeraj sem jim na šolo dostavila razvite fotografije in med uokvirjanjem so otroci že začeli skakati naokrog in želeli videti fotografije, tako navdušeni so bili. Očitno niso mogli počakati, da bi videli svoje delo na steni.
Žal se otvoritve danes zjutraj nisem uspela udeležiti, kjer je imel govor celo župan, a bili so tako prijazni, da so z menoj delili naslednjo povezavo.

Few days back I wrote about my workshop with kids from school 27. Julij in Kamnik. I am quite proud of their work and as I noticed, they are proud of their work too. Yesterday I delivered printed photos to the school and while we were framing them, kids started to jump around and wanted to see the photos, they were so excited. They obviously couldn’t wait to see their work on a wall.
Sadly I wasn’t able to come to the opening this morning, where even the major had a speech, but they were kind enough to share this link .