Opening of Igreja de água in Kamnik

Today we opened exhibition of my photographs with title Igreja de água, in gallery Šola Idej, Šutna 35, Kamnik, Slovenia. Name of the exhibition connects both exhibited series – photos I made during my Erasmus exchange in Portugal and my diploma photos with translated title “Water church”.
I admit, I feel a little proud today, because this feels like an achievement and when so many people come to see your work and they congratulate you, it simply is amazing. I didn’t expect so many visitors and also I didn’t expect so many compliments and positive feedback. Now I feel even more motivated and full of creative energy.
I thank all the visitors. Really, it means a lot. =)
For all of you that might be interested, you can see the exhibition until 14. December. Gallery is open every Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 9. do 12. hour; Tuesday or Thursday from 17. do 19. hour.
Here are some photos from the opening and few references and articles about it.
– (–Igreja-de-agua)

Diploma photos: Water church

I finally decided to put my diploma photos on my blog. I was hiding them for a while, because I know they are a bit different than most photos and also because I wanted to keep some mystery around them. So now that they have been exhibited at my school and at one of the galleries in Ljubljana, I think it’s time I show them up here as well.
Title of series is “Water church”, even though none of the churches are actually named like that, but I just think title fits, because photos include both of these elements. And no, photos are not photoshopped (except some color corrections) and there is no computer liquify effect used on them. I’ll let you figure it out on your own how I did it.
Any comments and critiques are welcome!

My first solo exhibition – Igreja de água

With some delay, but better late than never. On 17. July 2013, I had an opening of my first solo exhibition in ŠOLT Gallery in Ljubljana. It’s a small gallery, or maybe it’s not really a gallery but more just a simple hallway in one of the buildings of student campus. But still, I believe it’s a good start and to me, this means a lot. My photos are represented to wider public, they are out there, I’m making myself known… It feels good.
The opening was really nice, even if not so many people came. I was happy to get some positive feedback from other photographers, not only amateurs that usually say: “I like it!” These people really knew what they were saying and it meant a lot to get such a positive feedback from them. Ofcourse they had some constructive critics too, but none of them were actually negative, just hints how some photos might look better. I admit, I was a bit amazed, because I never got such great feedback and I admit, it gave me some “ego boost”. =)
I really feel like I’m finally on the right way to make something of myself as a photographer, so yes, this feels good.
Well I will not bore you with too many words, I’ll rather share some photos from exhibition to give you a bit more insight and if you’ll be around Ljubljana, you can still see my photos in ŠOLT Gallery until 11. September 2013. Gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00.