Florist’s shop in Komenda

I decided to stop with complicating my career and life in general and simply go for what my dream career is. I always loved architecture and interior design, I even wanted to study something like this. But it turned out I am not so good at drawing and even later, when I was thinking about this, I knew I somehow wouldn’t fit in this kind of career. But I was still more or less obsessed with this kind of art and design, I always loved magazines and photos with this topic, and different reality shows… Then I started taking photos and I started studying digital arts and that opened my eyes – I realized I want to be an architecture and real-estate photographer. For quite a while I was sure that I’m going to do that, but then everybody was telling me times are hard and I should just get an ordinary job and so on… But the fact is, at the moment it’s very hard to find a job, even harder to get the one in photography (even though I do have a part-time job, but I know that will end in September, so I need to figure out my future a little bit).
Well now I had enough of listening to others, I tried their way and it’s not working for me at all. So it’s time to simply follow my dreams of being an architectural and real-estate photographer. I’m starting to build my portfolio for now, even if it’s just by taking photos of places people let me to… =) Hey, everybody needs to start somewhere. =)
Anyway, as my first portfolio project I took some photos of a florist’s shop in Komenda, because I really love the ambience and cute design with so much character. It’s a start. =)

Happy 2014!

Thank you all for reading my blog and checking out my photos in 2013. I hope most of you will keep up with my posts in this year too. I don’t like making new years resolutions, because I believe that if you want to accomplish something or change yourself, you don’t have to wait for new year. Every day is a new day and new opportunity to make a change.
Nevertheless, I still decided that this year will be more career and art oriented than all the past ones. =)
For now, here are some photos from few weeks back, when I had to do some promo photos for my mothers website.

Have a great and creative year! =D