Sailing – Day 1 – From Trogir to Drvenik

About a month ago I went sailing in Croatia with some friends for four days. We were lucky to catch very warm sunny days at start of the autumn. Actually we had better weather than it was in the middle of summer and the water was still so warm we were able to swim. It was really great time off.
I’ll divide these posts on days again, so here is our first day. We started in marina Trogir, but our first day was a little bit cloudy. Just when we got around the corner (by corner I mean behind the cape) we noticed something jumping out of the water. At first we thought about dolphins, but no, there was a group of tuna fish chasing a group of smaller fish. They were jumping out and they really made a show for us. We’ve all been to the seaside before, most of us have been on a boat before, but none of us have ever seen these fish jumping out like this. It was amazing, even more because we just started our short vacation.
We sailed to some bay, where we stopped for a swim, then we continued our trip to the island Veli Drvenik. Me and my brother call this town a “Fail village”, because there is so much weird stuff. They have a lot of old cars, most of them broken and abandoned, but they don’t remove them, they just push them to some field or in some corner and that’s it. It’s also funny how they “fix” cars and other stuff with things you would never think of. Also some roads that lead to the houses are very narrow and you wouldn’t think any car goes there, but obviously it does and some people even think they have to mark their property with a “Private parking” sign… I have no idea who would park a car there anyway… So yeah, it really is a little bit like a “Fail village”. It makes you laugh on every corner. =)
Anyway, that was our first day and here are the photos.

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