Walk through Radensko polje

Few months back I posted some photos from Radensko polje, but I visited it again. When I’m somewhere and I have my camera with me it’s hard to resist, I just have to take photos. I guess sometimes that isn’t so good, since you forget to enjoy the nature as a person, not as a photographer. But to be honest, I don’t mind. =) The more I take photos, the more I see everything the same way as I would be watching through the lens. =)
So anyway, some photos of nature again…

Zatočne jame / caves

Lucky for me, my boyfriend knows some very unusual places and he comes up with not so common trips sometimes. He came up with this idea when we didn’t have much time and didn’t want to go too far away from home, so we went to these caves that are close to his town. I would never know about them, they are hidden between the trees, and just to reach the first trees you have to go off the main road, walk down the rocky road and then suddenly even that road ends and you keep on walking through a field of grass (and yes, it was full of fertilizer, so I can say I walked through a lot of sh*t that day). And there is just a random sign in the middle of nowhere where it is written something about the caves, and you go under some trees and “wow” effect hits you. You are suddenly in front of this huge cave entrance that is totally black, it has iron fence in front and is overgrown with moss. And it is not just black because it’s dark, that moss is actually black, or at least dark grey. Trust me, these photos I posted are not even close to showing the real feeling. It was raining and I really wasn’t prepared for shooting something like this, but I think I’ll have to return some day and take more time for photography because this location really is unique.

Anyway, all I know now about these caves (we visited two of them, there should be another one but we couldn’t find it) is that river Grosupeljščica is flowing in when there is a lot of rain. The whole fields in the area are under water at that time and water level rises to the top or even above the caves you see on photos. That is why those iron fences are there, to prevent large objects to clog up the caves.
It looks very impressive.

Summer Slovenian fields

I spent a Sunday afternoon outdoors and green fields and hills of Slovenia always make my day. It’s so nice, so green, full of fresh air, everything smells like summer and this weekend wasn’t hot, so it was really just perfect! I took some photos of wheat fields and grassland at the place named Polževo in Dolenjska region. It’s not that far from the city, but it feels like you’re almost in the middle of nowhere. But I guess that’s almost everywhere in Slovenia – few minutes drive by car and you’re in the nature and you forget about civilization. I admit, I like that, even though I can’t imagine living far in the countryside. I need a city close-by. =)

Radensko polje

I don’t know how to translate this title in English. It’s simply a field, an area in Slovenia. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. The point is that sometimes this field gets flooded and this time it happened again. And since we were in the area we also visited ruins of Boštanj castle (Weissenstein in German), just to satisfy my passion for architecture. =)
So let the photos speak (because at the moment I don’t really know what else to write). =D

Afternoon trip at Višnja Gora and Krka

Not having much free time obviously disabled me when it comes to writing my blog. Since I my last blog post and until now, I became a graduate and got my BA Degree of Digital Arts and Practices, so hooray, I achieved one more goal!

Beside that I also have a job that keeps me quite busy, but also kind of takes a lot of my energy. I believe it’s great that I have this job, I take it as a great experience and I know I already learned a lot, also I’m sure I will gain even more experiences in time. It’s not totally what I want to do in life, but it’s a little bit closer and I believe every step is important and useful for the future. So what I actually do at this new job? I am a shoe store assistant, but I work in versatile and very busy environment – I work in sales, work in storage, manage organizing and tracking samples to be shot and I take photos of new shoe arrivals, edit photos in post-production and put them online for web store, survey new deliveries, manage product database, manage Facebook fan page, make banners for use on the web, sending emails and communication with clients.

So anyway, I was finally able to get some energy together and simply enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful country I live in. Saturday afternoon was great to simply get in the car and explore a small part of Slovenia. We went to Višnja Gora in Dolenjska, which is a city that I always just pass by and never stop, but this time I actually went there to see it for myself and take some photos. I must say it’s actually a bit weirdly shaped town with quite old town center, that in these modern days doesn’t look much as a center anymore. I’m sure that it must have been so much more welcoming when there was no cars and town square actually looked like town square, not like a narrow street between old buildings.
After that we visited a water source of river Krka. I was there once as part of a school field trip, but never by myself. I took some photos around there, enjoyed the nature, found a perfect spot for maybe some future photo shooting, maybe I would even consider fashion photography in this case. Maybe I could start to like it if I had the right people for it and photo shooting would be at such amazing location in nature. I’m not saying where exactly it is, I don’t want you to steal my idea. Haha! =)
Well, after a while, here is some more photos to update my blog.