Energija Team – Strunjan 2014

Here it is, first official video I made for a local bike club Energija Team. They had some preparations for new biking season. Most of the team members went to Slovenian coast on Tuesday, 18. February, and they already made some footage with their GoPro cameras, but most of it was made after my arrival. I arrived there on Friday evening and I was filming for about two days. It was a bit working weekend for me, but I must say I really enjoyed it and it was fun to work with these guys. It actually doesn’t feel like work when everything is so much fun. =)

I think it was the funniest thing when guys realized I was not kidding we were going to make a “human text” for the video and photo. And they were quite confused how to create the letters, even though I had a sketch for every letter. You can see some of the confusion at the end of the video. =)

Energija! text with human letters
Energija! text with human letters

Video is not as awesome as it could be, but considering the time and equipment, I think we did a good job. I’m always critical, but I know there is sooo much to improve, so let’s hope all future videos will be an obvious progress. We learn from mistakes so… =)

Anyway, video and my human “Energija!” text photo were also published on Mtb.si, but you can also see the video in this blog post or directly on YouTube.

54th October Salon in Belgrade, Serbia

As I said in my previous blog post, I’ve been very busy lately. One of the things that occupied me the most, was a video project curated by Red Min(e)d group. I was invited to make a video documentation of some events and debates during the first few days after opening of 54th October Salon, a modern art exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia.
At first I was a bit scared, because I always have this feeling that I’m not up to the task, I see what could go wrong, I see so many reasons why I shouldn’t accept the offer and so on. But then I realized that I already did this sort of job for the same group last year and obviously they liked what I did, otherwise they wouldn’t ask me to do this one more time. So yes, I accepted the offer, because I knew this is a great opportunity and also it was quite a big step for me, because this is the first project out of school, that wasn’t in Slovenia. It is one step closer to my dream – have a job that allows you to travel, see new places and meet new people. And that is exactly what it was.
I was in Belgrade for only four days (actually it was more like three full days) and I was very busy most of the time, so I didn’t have much time for sightseeing, but I didn’t mind. I loved the feeling of being in some large city for the first time, seeing new streets and buildings just by passing by while going to the location of exhibition, having contact with local people… But what gave me even more inspiration was meeting all these international artist, just listening to their stories, about their art works and even to actually talk with some of them. It really inspired me and made me want to create more art, to dare more…
So yes, I’m very grateful for this opportunity. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it, because this experience really was priceless.
You can check a playlist of videos I made there.

Main hall of the building with exhibition
Main hall of the building with exhibition

Free time spent cycling along Sava river in Belgrade
Free time spent cycling along Sava river in Belgrade

My first solo exhibition – Igreja de água

With some delay, but better late than never. On 17. July 2013, I had an opening of my first solo exhibition in ŠOLT Gallery in Ljubljana. It’s a small gallery, or maybe it’s not really a gallery but more just a simple hallway in one of the buildings of student campus. But still, I believe it’s a good start and to me, this means a lot. My photos are represented to wider public, they are out there, I’m making myself known… It feels good.
The opening was really nice, even if not so many people came. I was happy to get some positive feedback from other photographers, not only amateurs that usually say: “I like it!” These people really knew what they were saying and it meant a lot to get such a positive feedback from them. Ofcourse they had some constructive critics too, but none of them were actually negative, just hints how some photos might look better. I admit, I was a bit amazed, because I never got such great feedback and I admit, it gave me some “ego boost”. =)
I really feel like I’m finally on the right way to make something of myself as a photographer, so yes, this feels good.
Well I will not bore you with too many words, I’ll rather share some photos from exhibition to give you a bit more insight and if you’ll be around Ljubljana, you can still see my photos in ŠOLT Gallery until 11. September 2013. Gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00.