View from Belvedere

This weekend I was at Croatian and Slovenian coast, but I didn’t have time to take a lot of photos. But on my way back home there was time for a short stop on top of the hill above Izola. I was there about the right time, since the sun was just going down and the whole coast was full of light. Too bad visibility wasn’t very good and the hills in the distance weren’t as visible as they are sometimes.
So here are few photos of the view I was able to capture.

Ocean side photos (day 106)

Day 106, Thursday, 03.01.2013
So I woke up, edited some photos that I made last night. It was actually my homework for today. When I finished that I went to buy some groceries and it was really nice to walk to the shop on such lovely sunny day. It was a bit colder than previous days, but it was still like autumn weather in Slovenia. I enjoyed the walk very much. Oh, and before that I washed my hair with some shampoo tester I got at some store last week and I just love it! My hair is so soft and silky now! So when I walked to the shop and the wind was blowing, I actually felt you know, fabulous. =)
Anyway, in the afternoon I had my first class this year. I got there few minutes late and I was the first one there. Luckily the professor got there just few minutes later, but at the end there were still just like 10 other students in the classroom, and usually there are about 30 of us. Holidays are tough I guess. =) And I just found out that next week it’s the last class of this subject so I really need to finish my final project! There is a lot of work to be done in next couple of days…
Ok so after the class I went home, did some more photo editing, watched some Friends episodes and that’s more or less all. So I managed to edit some photos from last week, and here they are. Ocean side. =)