Surprise package (day 96)

Day 96 – Monday, 24.12.2012
Again I was up quite late last night because I was watching Friends episodes again and they are just so funny! So I slept a bit longer this morning. When I walked into the kitchen it was like a bomb would fall in there! Ok not like an ordinary bomb, more like a baking bomb! Cookies and brownies everywhere (and a lot of dirty dishes, but who cares when all the food looks and smells so good)! =D
I wanted to clean some dishes, but I wasn’t sure what will Damir still want to use, so I didn’t touch anything, because I didn’t want to ruin his system. =) So I squeezed myself into the corner with some space left, so I was able to have breakfast. =) Even though nothing he baked is vegan, it was still really enjoyable just to see so much food around.
Then my mom called me on Skype and she was so happy! They got my Christmas package today and that surprised me a bit, since I took it to the post office few days ago and I was sure they will get it after the holidays. Well, they got it just on a perfect date and they were all so happy that I remembered them and sent them some gifts. So I could say that my mission “Surprise your family with something positive” is accomplished. =D It just feels so good when you know you made someone else very happy just by remembering them with something small. =D I guess that’s just evidence that it’s not so much about how expensive and big present is, it’s more about just remembering someone and if possible, surprising them with something that you know will make them smile. =D
Well I must say, it’s been a really great, positive and optimistic day today. It is more or less a perfect day before Christmas. It’s like everything is getting together, everything is on a right track and you just know your life will turn out amazingly good. =D Now I’m in a bit of preparation for Christmas evening. We will celebrate it in an apartment of Latvian Erasmus students and we have sort of a rule that everyone brings some food and drinks. I’ll take that potica I baked yesterday. =)
Tomorrow morning Damir and I are leaving for Lisbon because his mom is coming and we will meet her there. So I think next couple of days will be quite busy with running around and sightseeing Portugal. We will have a car rented and so we’ll be much more flexible to travel around. So excuse me if my writing on blog will be a bit left out these days. =) I’ll write about tonight Christmas evening in my next blog post.
I wish you all an amazing night and merry Christmas! Enjoy, laugh a lot and just be with people you love; or as in my case, with people that you know will make your evening full of positive and happy energy! =D