Autumn on Rašica

Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves on the ground… Every single year when the leaves fall down from the trees I can’t get the “Fallen leaves” song by Billy Talent out of my head. Well this was few days ago, when the weather was still quite nice here in Slovenia and most of the trees still had the leaves on. It was really nice and warm autumn day, so we decided to have a little hike.
We went on top of the Rašica, hill a bit north from Ljubljana. There is a tall iron tower on top, so I went up and took some photos from up there. Sadly it was quite foggy below, so the view wasn’t as nice as it could be. I guess I’ll have to return to the Rašica tower some other day when the visibility will be better.

Fallen leaves, Fallen leaves…

If anyone didn’t notice yet, autumn is here. Maybe not in all countries around the world, but here it is. Leaves changed their color, most of them already fell on the ground and many already got dry and brown. I like autumn when weather is still quite warm and sunny, I love how the whole nature changes colors and makes everything so much more interesting. But then all that stuff I love just goes away and everything prepares for cold winter and snowy days. Grrr, I must not think about that. It is probably much better idea to simply watch these photos of fallen leaves and get stuck in this moment for a bit longer…

Limp at Buddha Eden (day 81)

Day 81 – Sunday, 09.12.2012
Today I took enough time in the morning to have my breakfast with no rush and I packed some fruits, bottle of water and my camera in my backpack. Damir almost slept a bit too long, but I woke him up and we went on a train station. We arrived there few minutes before the train would leave. Then it turned out we’re in Portugal again and of course train left the station 10 minutes late. Oh well, we were in no rush anyway. We went off the train two stations later in the town named Bombarral.
When we got out of the train station we were a bit surprised by the scene, because it was like a ghost town, though there were some old men sitting in a local cheap pub right across the street. Like a scene from some movie when outsiders step out and everybody stares at them. =) Well we started walking along the rails and we got to some path that I guessed it must be the one I checked on Google Maps. Well it was the right path ok, but then we got to some crossroad and I wasn’t sure if we should turn left or right. I knew Google Maps showed I should go right, but the path on the left was going in the right direction and it looked just fine. So we turned left. After walking a couple hundred meters the path was getting narrower and more and more off-road. Then we noticed a man not far from us and we realized he was just loading the gun. It was a huntsman. It was a bit uncomfortable to be near that guy, because he looked like he doesn’t know what he’s doing because he was just walking around with loaded gun pointing all around and in the other hand he had a cigarette. Then we came to the top of that hill and we saw even more huntsman on the opposite hill. And also our path ended. We were in the middle of something that could be a crossfire area and also in the middle of vineyards and open fields. Well we tried to avoid the huntsman as much as possible, so we just went through some field and a muddy vineyard, so we got on some other path. It was so muddy and I had my white snickers on! I really didn’t expect that kind of ground when I was deciding which shoes to put on. =) Well then we arrived to the street we were supposed to reach, but the problem was it was on the other side of a high and totally overgrown wall. And that wall went all along that road, so we had to get over it somehow. Damir chose a way where there was some mud but no trees, but I decided to walk along the wall to a bit better place. And I found one with less plants and no mud, so it seemed perfect. I got on the wall and I stepped down on a ground covered with fallen leaves, but the problem was that under the leaves it was a channel, so I stepped around 15cm lower than I expected. I think I got a knee sprain. At first it hurt a lot, then after a minute it got better and I could walk, but I had to limp…
Oh well, at least we were just about hundred meters away from Buddha Eden, that was our destination. =) I managed to limp all around the gorgeous garden, I just had to be careful where and how I’m stepping. So about the Buddha Eden… it is amazing! I just love Buddha statues and stuff like that, so this was really an amazing sight for me. There were so many different Buddhist statues all around the park and so much symbolism everywhere. There is even an area with some sort of modern art. Oh it was great! =D I must go there again, maybe one day when it will be even warmer and there will be more sun, but even today it was amazing. When you are there it doesn’t feel like Portugal at all, it’s like you’re in China! And it’s really peaceful there, except at the largest Buddha, where there are always some kids running around… =) But still, oh my, I just love the park and everything about it! I’m sure I’ll visit it few more times! =) I think photos will tell more than my words. =)
After few hours of walk or in my case limp around the park, it was time to go to the train station in Bombarral. I knew it will take us a bit longer to get there, because my leg wasn’t in the same condition as when we arrived. =) This time we took a different road, the one where you get to the garden by car. So it was about 3km long walk and it was quite annoying because there was no sidewalk and these people drive quite fast on these roads. But we got to the town safe and in one piece, except my knee of course. =) We arrived to the train station 5 minutes before the train was supposed to arrive. We walked for about an hour from that garden to the train station, which is not so much if we consider that I had to limp all the way.
Well the train was 10 minutes late again, but it arrived and we got to Caldas da Rainha. It was quite a project for me to get off the train because its stairs are so high and narrow, so it hurt me a lot when I moved my left leg and then again when I stepped off the station platform, but at least I was still able to walk to the apartment. Slowly, but I did it. Though I thought it was really funny when some people stopped at the zebra crossing and I walked really slowly on the other side of the road. It was like I’m joking. =D
So I guess now I’ll stay in bed and be careful for what I do with my poor leg. I really want to get well as soon as possible, because in this city my legs are my only way of transport for everything. If I need to go to the shop or to school, I need to walk and so I need my knee to heal super-fast. =)
My mom said that I don’t put enough photos on my blog… Well it’s not that fast to edit them at least a bit… But today I think she’ll be pleased. =) I didn’t take as much time for editing, but there is a lot of photos today. =)

Sunny monday turns cloudy (day 75)

Day 75 – Monday, 03.12.2012
Well today started as a nice sunny day, but soon it turned out as a cloudy grey day and it stayed like that for the rest of it. Oh well, at least it wasn’t windy and too cold. It was like a usual autumn day, though it’s actually already winter and it’s snowing in Slovenia. So I guess I have nothing to complain about. But when I think about it a bit, I think I actually miss snow a little. You know, just watching small snowflakes falling down and when everything is white and there is a fireplace making this cozy feeling in the house… Yes, I miss that.
Anyway, I didn’t do anything really worth mentioning in the morning exept maybe editing some more photos and saving some on them on my USB, so I’ll be able to print them and take them to school. Gaja and I decided to go to school a bit later because we didn’t want to just sit there and throw away our time again. But before we went to class we stopped at Vivaci where I wanted to print those photos but I couldn’t because USB didn’t work. Oh well, next time I guess… So I have to bring my photos to the class next week. We stayed at class just for a short time and then we returned home because Gaja had a photoshooting later.
I went on a mission of finding a hula hoop, but couldn’t find it at two of the stores I thought they will have it. So I’m still searching for it. I think I know where they might have it. And you might ask why do I want a hula hoop. Well I saw few videos of it these days and I realised I always wanted to learn how to spin it. I mean, I did that at school when I was a kid, but I never managed to spin it for a long time. So I decided I’ll buy it and try to master it now. =) I just hope I’ll be able to get it somewhere around here. =)
So I spent most of my evening just watching some series and when Damir returned back from school we hanged out in a kitchen a bit. Well, not just a bit, I think it was about two hours of chat, because when you put two people that can talk all the time in the same room, it’s almost never ending talk… =)
And here are some more photos that I took yesterday at the park, but I edited them today.

Green grounds and fallen leaves (day 74)

Day 74 – Sunday, 02.12.2012
Another sunny morning and again time for some laundry. We have these sunny days for this because nobody knows how long they will last. After my workout exercises I decided to go out a bit and take some photos. So I went to that large park behind the hospital and this time I took my Canon 60d with me, because I didn’t go jogging and I could afford to take a larger camera. =)
I think I spent about a hour or hour and a half in that park. I really enjoyed it because it is simply beautiful park and it was just perfect because of the sun. To me it looks just like from a fairytale and colours there are amazing. Green grounds with orange fallen leaves and clear blue sky… Amazing. So today there is just few photos because I decided to take a bit more time for editing them and so I couldn’t edit a lot more. I’ll post some more of them tomorrow.
Anyway, after my photo mission I returned home and had some lunch. I also gave our kitchen some winter spirit by posting those paper snowflakes on a window, just as I did in my room yesterday. It is snowing in Slovenia today, so I brought some snow to our apartment too. =)
Later I talked to my family on Skype, because my mom was having a small birthday party and all of my reletives were there, so it was really fun to see them all! I even saw my cousins daughter and she’s growing so fast! When I’ll return she’ll probably already talk and say whole sentances. For now she was just looking at computer monitor all confused how is it possible that something from the monitor is calling her name and waving to her. =) So it was really nice to get some ‘family love’ from everybody. =)
Well most of the evening I spent editing following photos and that’s pretty much it for today. But I think it was nice and productive day and finally I really took time to play with photo editing possibilities. Though I know I could do even better if my laptop monitor wouldn’t be that bad and poor machine is just suffering when editing raw photos… New laptop next year, definitely.