Feeling the space travel at KSEVT, Vitanje

Ok, so I didn’t actually feel the space travel, but this place gets you a step closer to that. KSEVT building is dedicated to space travel and it is named after Slovenian space technology pioneer Herman Potočnik Noordung. There is an exhibition dedicated to his life, then to his work, to some fictional space ideas and also a part that represents actual space travel things and problems. It is quite interesting, probably even more to those that are very into this stuff.
This place is in a small village named Vitanje in Koroška, Slovenia. For us that live in more central part of Slovenia this is more or less in the middle of nowhere, but to be honest, it is not that far away and the scenery is really nice and pure.
Why I wanted to visit this place is the architecture. The KSEVT building got some awards and to me it is simply amazing, even though I am often not very thrilled about modern architecture. I really wanted to see it, to go inside, to take some photos… So I did.

Ok, I just have to tell you a little bit about this building – it looks a bit like a space ship, maybe even more because it is in the middle of a small and very ordinary Slovenian village and its shape is round. At first it looks like the whole structure is made only by windows and metal, but it actually contains concrete and wooden elements too. It is designed so you walk uphill and then downhill around the building when you walk through the exhibition. It is similar on the roof, because you can go around in circle, uphill and downhill and there is also a roof that leans on one side, so when you see the roof windows and the other “straight” buildings in the area you are a little bit confused what is usual and what is unusual. There is a large round hole in the middle of the first floor and through it you can see the conference room on the ground level. To tell you in short – it is very unusual.

You can see everything I wrote on the photos, but I am sure you can’t feel and appreciate this amazing building if you don’t visit it. The only thing I am sorry about is that I didn’t take photos with my tripod, so in many cases I had to compensate with ISO. So if you ever pass Vitanje make sure you stop at the building and if you have a chance, go inside, visit it, experience the building and feel it. =)

Šola Idej, Kamnik

Few weeks ago I took some photos in a small gallery Šola Idej, where I had my exhibition last year. I wasn’t sure how the photos will come out, because the whole space is quite white and almost a bit empty. But I was surprised to see the walls full of beautiful and colourful paintings by Slovenian painter Barbara Ravnikar. Now the space looks so much more alive and positive. I like it.
And my website will be up and working soon, so these are the first photos with http://www.anjaperse.com watermark. =)

Rotovž Caffe in Kamnik

About two weeks ago I took some photos of the second oldest building in Kamnik. It’s from 15th century and it is known as “Seydl house”, because of the first owner Jurlin Seydl. Building is in the old city centre and it is right next to the town hall. It was abandoned for many decades, but about 10 years ago it got new owners that renovated it and brought back it’s former beauty.
On a main ground of the building there is a copy shop, photographer and a bar named “Rotovž Caffe”. On a second story there are some offices and on the floors above there are some apartments. More or less the whole history of the building is written on a wall in a bar, so everyone can read it.
I didn’t have time to publish these photos sooner, so with some delay, here they are now.

Outside of Technical Museum Bistra, Slovenia

We spent Saturday at Technical museum in Bistra. Last time I’ve been there it was probably more than ten years ago, so why not revisit it and see what is new. This building complex used to be a monastery, so it’s old, it is huge and it has some typical medieval elements that I simply love. So perhaps I wasn’t so excited about visiting the museum, but maybe more about the building itself. =)
Well in case you are planning to go there I recommend it’s on a day without rain, because otherwise it can probably be annoying to walk from one building to another, since not all of them are connected. We were lucky that it was just cloudy. And I think museum is worth visiting, though for us that visited it as kids is probably a little bit boring, since we’ve seen most of the stuff already… But the price is good and the visit is worth the money. =)
Anyway, for now here are some photos of the buildings and a park that surrounds them. I might post some photos of different exhibited objects next time.

Florist’s shop in Komenda

I decided to stop with complicating my career and life in general and simply go for what my dream career is. I always loved architecture and interior design, I even wanted to study something like this. But it turned out I am not so good at drawing and even later, when I was thinking about this, I knew I somehow wouldn’t fit in this kind of career. But I was still more or less obsessed with this kind of art and design, I always loved magazines and photos with this topic, and different reality shows… Then I started taking photos and I started studying digital arts and that opened my eyes – I realized I want to be an architecture and real-estate photographer. For quite a while I was sure that I’m going to do that, but then everybody was telling me times are hard and I should just get an ordinary job and so on… But the fact is, at the moment it’s very hard to find a job, even harder to get the one in photography (even though I do have a part-time job, but I know that will end in September, so I need to figure out my future a little bit).
Well now I had enough of listening to others, I tried their way and it’s not working for me at all. So it’s time to simply follow my dreams of being an architectural and real-estate photographer. I’m starting to build my portfolio for now, even if it’s just by taking photos of places people let me to… =) Hey, everybody needs to start somewhere. =)
Anyway, as my first portfolio project I took some photos of a florist’s shop in Komenda, because I really love the ambience and cute design with so much character. It’s a start. =)