Abstract Idrija

This time I will not complicate or write too much. I took some photos during my trip in Idrija, but I decided none of them are really worth publishing. Maybe I am too critical, maybe I just don’t think they would all fit together into one post, I don’t know. So I decided to post only few more abstract photos that I like.

But I still must write something about Idrija. It was my first visit of this town and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was surprised how nature and town are somehow connected. There is so many natural elements present everywhere, from narrow water canal, to the river and then hills and trees… Totally unexpected. And they have a very nice castle on top of the hill, but we didn’t visit it this time. We visited their famous mercury mine that is open for public so we can visit it. The mine is pretty impressive and very interesting, so I definitely recommend the visit, but prepare for some walk down and up the stairs. And for all you fellow arachnophobic people out there, beware of large (by large I mean 3cm size) black spiders that hang on their spider-webs at more or less every light… That was a huge shocker for me and I don’t even know how I managed to deal with it. I guess in some situations you just find courage, though I did walk very fast when I passed every spider and I was walking very low, just in case my head could hit some spider-web. So yeah, that was freaky. =)

Diploma photos: Water church

I finally decided to put my diploma photos on my blog. I was hiding them for a while, because I know they are a bit different than most photos and also because I wanted to keep some mystery around them. So now that they have been exhibited at my school and at one of the galleries in Ljubljana, I think it’s time I show them up here as well.
Title of series is “Water church”, even though none of the churches are actually named like that, but I just think title fits, because photos include both of these elements. And no, photos are not photoshopped (except some color corrections) and there is no computer liquify effect used on them. I’ll let you figure it out on your own how I did it.
Any comments and critiques are welcome!

Dramatic effect at the sea side

So I’ve been to the sea side in Croatia for the weekend. I made a lot of photos, some at the beach, some inland, some in Croatia and some in Slovenia. I took both of my cameras with me, Canon EOS 60d and my Olympus Tough 620. Since the weather was quite unstable I decided to play with my Olympus a bit more, but then it turned out that when I took this camera with me the sun started to shine and I didn’t have my Canon with me… But that’s ok, I enjoyed just playing with this camera, I tried some effects and for a change I didn’t have to think about shutter speed and aperture. I admit, sometimes it feels good just to forget about it and enjoy the simplicity of digital camera. =)
Since my Olympus offers some special effects I decided to play with them and because of the clouds in the sky and all the contrasts I used the one named “dramatic effect” the most. Photos look like HDR or like they have been edited to totally surreal feeling, but at that momement this just felt the right effect and I think it looks quite interesting. =) I also used some other effects just to try them out, to see what kind of feeling they create and so on. So here are some “effected” photos I did. =)
I must admit, I really love the ones with reflection in the water. I have no idea how I came up with this idea, but I just tried it and when I saw how cool it looks with the effect, the visibilty of the water ground and the reflection… well I just kept on playing with it for the next few minutes. =D

Abstract black and white (day 118)

Day 118, Tuesday, 15.01.2013
I woke up quite early again, but not because I’d have to, but it just happened. =) After breakfast, some photo editing and stuff like that, I went to the nearest copy and print shop. I had to make a few copies of bills and other important stuff that we need to save. And also I had to print some papers for Damir and me, about the second semester of Erasmus exchange. Those guys at the shop were really nice. =)
Then I went to Lidl, because I needed to buy some groceries and on my way I was thinking about working out and how I’d love to have those small lifts that you put around your ankles and wrists, so when you go for a walk or you work out, there is a bit of extra weight and so it makes it a bit harder. And also for a while now I was thinking about buying those small lifts, so maybe I could lift them while I watch a movie, so I could combine “lazy” moments with exercise. And then I come to Lidl and I see all of this in one package. It was really cheap and also it was the last package. That was so funny, because really, I was just thinking about it and there it was! So without second thoughts I took it and bought it. =D I was like: “That’s it!” =D
When I returned home I cooked some lunch, but right after that I used that stuff. I put on a movie and I worked out while watching it. After that I did some extra exercises just for legs and so on. I love these weights! I think it was a really good decision to buy them. =)
Well, here are some of my abstract photos that I made yesterday in Foz. This time they are in black and white, because I think they look better like that and contrasts stand out more.

Light-painting with ghost faces (days 110-111)

Day 110, Monday, 07.01.2013
Another non-special day… Did some photo editing, realized that my computer has a lot of issues when I try to edit bigger files… I guess it’s time for replacement, though I think this one will be ok for few more months. I’ll just avoid working with large files and complex projects. Since it’s another day when I don’t feel like writing, this is it for the day.

Day 111, Tuesday, 08.01.2013
I went to the fruit market today, because I needed to buy some vegetables and fruits. So I decided I’ll buy some pears and I passes few stands with prices around 0.70€ per kilo, but suddenly I noticed some smaller pears and the price was only 0.30€ per kilo! I took 7 pears and I paid only 0.10€! That’s just crazy! I don’t think I ever bought pears so cheap. =D
Well it was a bit grey, cloudy day, though the temperatures were still really nice. But after getting home I preferred to stay inside. I was really happy in the afternoon when sun showed itself a bit and in usually shines in my room, directly on my table. So I’m sitting on a sun while working on my computer. I guess I don’t see the screen that well at that time, but still, it’s so worth it! I love sun! =)
In the evening I had to do some homework for one of the classes, so it was light-painting time again. Here is my result.

The ghost of me is light-painting my room.
Ghost of me light-painted the bathroom.
Another ghost of me light-painting the place.