To be honest, nothing really special happened throughout the day. Breakfast, work at the photo gallery, talking to people and so on. Just another day at sea. After lunch I decided not to go sleep or rest in my room, even though I wouldn’t mind… I decided to enjoy the sunny weather on the upper deck. So I went out, lied down on a recliner for a while and just enjoyed the warm temperatures and a nice breeze. Simply amazing when you think about the cold and winter you just left on the mainland.
Later in the afternoon I was introduced to another part of this new job – formal evening. Everybody dresses up very nicely, even us photographers and videographers. We had to prepare the sets and the lighting for formal photo shootings. Photographers did the photos, while I learned more about editing videos. After that we all had to take photos of people in the restaurant. It was an interesting experience, since I don’t think I have ever worked with so many people in one evening. And I usually don’t take photos of people, especially not indoors and in the evening. Well I think I did alright for my first time, though now I know where to pay more attention and what I should change the next time.
We ended up working sometime in the evening, but our day didn’t end there. There was another crew party and we decided to go. Well that was a real surprise to me, because I had no idea what to expect. We went through some door and suddenly we were outside, on the back of the ship. A lot of crew came, there was food and drinks, loud music and even some lightshow. We laughed, we talked and we danced, but we had to go to sleep a bit sooner than some others, because there was quite a long day ahead of us.


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