My first safety drill is behind me now. Interesting, but I really hope we’ll never have to do all the stuff for real. I still have some more training to do in the next few days, you know, the basic safety stuff. But it’s for our own good that we know all that.
Anyway, because of the drill and the rainy weather I didn’t go on any tour, so we had some free time until the early evening. We decided to go to the shopping mall on the other side of the city. Girls needed some Christmas stuff and we all needed some new clothes. I decided to buy myself some sporty pants, because they are so comfortable and I love to wear them when I have some time off and I am just sitting in my room. Since the holidays are almost here I decided I need something a little shiny for the Christmas evening, but also it must be something I could wear through the year too. Because I have a black skirt with me, I decided to buy a silver shirt. I wanted a silver shirt for a long time now, but I never saw one that I would like. They always have some large shiny pieces that I don’t like, or the shirt looks nice, but the colour is wrong and so on. So the last shop I went in, there it was, a perfect shirt, but sadly it was in gold colour. I asked the shop keeper if they maybe have silver ones as well, and who would guess, they did! So I found the shirt I wanted! Now I’ll be shiny! =)

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