In the morning we arrived to the port at Las Palmas, Grand Canaria island. My job started a bit earlier today, because I was taking photos at the gangway. That means you have to take photos of people when they are getting off the ship to enjoy the trips and sightseeing around the town and the island. It was interesting to try that too. This time I had a very interesting background light with sun peeking from behind the clouds and you could see that view between two large cruise ships. Oh, and just for the information – beside our ship there were three or four large ones in the port, one was smaller than ours and the two others were much larger, with capacity of probably more than few thousand guests.
Anyway, after I finished taking photos I had some free time, so I decided to just relax a little bit, because it’s going to be quite a long night for me. Then some of us decided to go for a lunch outside. There is a shopping mall nearby where you can find more or less everything, so we decided to eat some Chinese food. Because it was all-you-can eat type of restaurant we all ate a little bit too much… But it was soooo good.
And not only that. There is a free Wi-Fi at the mall, but it was too slow, so I couldn’t upload any new photos or write anything new on my blog. I have a feeling that I’ll have to post everything when I get home…
And I was able to do some shopping at the grocery store. Because I came to the ship with an airplane I didn’t take some necessary stuff with me, more or less just because of the weight. Now I have everything I need, even few chocolate bars that will hopefully last for at least few weeks, though I doubt that… I’ll try. =) And I was able to get some Maria cookies! I noticed we don’t have them in Slovenia, but I fell in love with them while I was in Portugal, so I assumed they must have them in Spain as well. And obviously they do!
Since we will return to Las Palmas on our next cruise (I think), I didn’t do any sightseeing. And I had to work in the evening, so it’s not like you have all the time in the world to be a tourist. I’ll try to go around the city or the island on the next cruise. We’ll see.


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