12. and 13. DECEMBER 2014 – DAYs AT SEA

Ah, days at the sea again. That means I have some time to rest. I admit, after three days of tours it feels good to be just at one location, even if it means working at the photo gallery or filming some other events. And it is really priceless to have about one minute walk to your job, no driving around with cars or getting stuck in the traffic. =)
Anyway, this evening was my first time at British night, where dress code is red, white and blue. So people are really dressed in the right colours and they all get small British flags to wave with them. Then they sing and enjoy British themed evening. I had to make a video of this and I already had to edit it as well, so I had to work a bit longer than the rest of my team, but luckily not too long.
And surprise, surprise, another party in the evening… A lot of people are getting off the ship soon, so this was more like a goodbye party. It was fun again and it was really nice to hang out with everybody. I was very tired so I didn’t stay for a very long time.

Another ordinary day, except this time everybody was so tired. Might be a bit because of last night. So working at the gallery again, selling photos, talking to people… Nothing unusual. I had some time to rest after that and in the evening it was another formal night. That means I got to wear my new black dress again, which I simply love and I have no idea when I would wear it if not for occasions like these. So yeah, nothing unusual.


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