I really want to have this blog more up to date, but the internet on the ship often doesn’t work and even if it does, it is usually too slow to upload any photos. So there is no other way than to wait for some good Wi-Fi spot when we will be at some harbour, but that is if I will have time to use it of course.
So anyway, this day our ship was at the harbour at the town Mindelo on the island of Sao Vincente. This time I was assigned as an escort to one of the buses that went on the short trip around the island. It was about four hours long trip and we visited some locations around Mindelo, African market, fruit market, handicraft museum and cultural centre. Very interesting to see, though I wasn’t really able to pay much attention, because I had to work – that means I was running around with my camera and clumsy tripod. =)
From the city we went up to the closest mountains to get some nice views, although the visibility wasn’t the best and the wind up there was really blowing like crazy. While I was filming the wind was actually shaking the heavy tripod, but I noticed that later when I was editing the footage. We went to some sand dunes at the coast. The sand gets to the island from the Sahara desert and they say that when the wind is blowing from that direction the visibility can be even worse. So yeah, we got the chance to walk on the desert sand.
After that we went to a small town that is quite popular spot for tourists and locals with a bit more money. You noticed that right away because the houses looked much nicer and finished. They said that a lot of the houses are owned by the people that live abroad, so they are mostly used just as summer houses. But it’s nice, right at the sea side with nice beach and great waves and winds for surfing, kiting or windsurfing. Well at that town we stopped at some local restaurant where we had a snack and got the chance to see a traditional local dance. Seems like people of Cape Verde enjoy some sort of mating dance, or at least it seemed that way. And oh my, after the main dance was over they pulled people out of the crowd to dance with them… and guess what, that guy decided to pick me… My resistance didn’t really work, he just pulled me out on a dance floor… Haha! But hey, I admit, it was quite fun, even though I looked very dumb and I had no idea what I was doing. =)
We returned back to the ship quite early, so I just ate some lunch and went for a short walk to the town of Mindelo. I decided to buy some souvenirs, because I would like to have something small from every location we visit if there will be a chance. This time I bought a nice pair of earrings that are actually made out of sea shell.
I must admit, all these trips are quite tiring, especially because when I get back I must still edit all the footage from the day. But when you think about it, this is why I get to see all the interesting places! So yeah, totally worth it!


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