We started our day at the Porto Novo on San Antao island, still part of Cape Verde. There were no docks big enough for our ship, so we were anchored nearby and we were tendering to the coast. I knew what tendering was, but I have never done it with one of the large tender boats.
Again, many small buses waited there for us. This day it first the first time I did all the video, so I was carrying around the tripod, which can be quite annoying sometimes. We drove through the mountains, first they were quite dry, later very green and full of different plants. Well mostly there were palm trees and sugar canes. Well this supposed to be the most beautiful of the Cape Verde islands, so our expectations were quite high. It was beautiful and again the views were amazing, but I still think I liked the one yesterday a bit more. I can’t decide. This one has really tall mountains, very deep valleys and more or less just black rocky beaches and cliffs. But it is funny how you see people and lonely houses in the middle of nowhere. You have no idea how to get to those houses and they are so far from any other house, village or town, that you really don’t know how they get anywhere. I know these people are used to it and they don’t need much, also they mostly grow all the food they need, but still, it is very unusual to us.
We stopped many times to take photos and all the views reminded me of parts of Asia from time to time, especially because there were terraces everywhere. The terrain is most of the time so steep that they really don’t have a choice, but to build terraces, where they grow different fruits and vegetables.
Once again our lunch was very good and even I was able to find something for myself. I ate some fruit that I have no idea what is was. It was peeled, so I couldn’t see how it originally looked like and I forgot to ask. It was small, like a size of a kiwi fruit, but it was red and tasted totally different, but very good.
So to put it in short, it was another amazing day full of beautiful views. Hopefully my videos will look great when I check them out and edit them all together. Once again, I feel tired, but blessed to be part of this amazing opportunity, or adventure if you will… =)


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