My day started quite early, because I had a flight at around 8:00 in the morning. I flew from Frankfurt to Madrid first and luckily this time the sky wasn’t so cloudy all the way, so the view was much better. I simply love these aerial views. I was able to see lakes, rivers, cities and cute dots that were actually trees… Suddenly I noticed a line and at first I couldn’t figure out what was that and why the houses just stop there and nothing else exists behind that line. Then I realized we were actually flying along the French coast of Atlantic Ocean and those white lines were the waves hitting the coast. I didn’t expect we will fly so west, but it seems we did.
We landed in Madrid and as clumsy as I can be, I picked my bag from the upper department above the seats and the whole bag crashed on my head. People were asking if I’m ok, luckily I was, but I felt really dumb. Haha! Then I had about an hour and a half until my next flight, so I decided to get something to eat, since I only had a small fruit salad in the morning. I found some couscous dish, but everything written on the package was in Spanish, so I wasn’t very sure about what I was buying. I realized there are vegetables and I did figure out there must be some vinegar. Even though I don’t like vinegar this was the only dish that seemed worth eating at the moment. I tried it, I ate some of it, I left half of it… I really hated the taste and I had to force myself into eating at least a little bit, so I wouldn’t be hungry. Oh well, I bought some chocolate later, so that was comforting and tasty. Chocolate always solves the problems… =)
Anyway, my next flight was to Santa Cruz de La Palma, part of Canary Islands. This time I wasn’t sitting at the window so I couldn’t enjoy the views so much. Not that there was much to see anyway, because most of the time you could only see the blue Ocean and few clouds below. But it was amazing when the plane was landing and we could see a little bit of hills, houses and palm trees on one side and only ocean on the other. The runway starts right at the coastline so when the plane is landing you feel like it’s going to land on the water. But when we landed I couldn’t hide my smile… There were palm trees everywhere and I love palm trees! I took a taxi to the nearby port, where “my” ship was located.
When taxi was driving along the coast I was able to enjoy the magnificent views. The high green hills and the beach, palm trees and everything else… Then suddenly a new view opened up and I could see the port with one large ship (Queen Mary 2) and a smaller one, on which I was going. I was kind of happy I will be on the smaller one, since this is my first time to travel and work like this. At that moment I realized that this is actually happening and it really isn’t just a dream.
I checked in on the ship and few hours later we were already moving and cruising south… I met my new colleagues, already got a little bit familiar with my job and I had some basic introduction to the safety on the ship. It’s a lot to take in. Oh, and I finally got my well-deserved lunch. =) And on top of all I arrived on the day when the crew had a bingo night, so I was able to meet even more people and hang out with them for a while. But I was so tired that I needed to go to sleep earlier than the others. Lucky for me I switched a time zone, so I had one hour bonus, and since we are going to Cape Verde I got even another extra hour. So yay, lucky me, two bonus hours to get some sleep!

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