Even though I went to sleep at 23:00, if I consider the new time zone, that is actually 1:00 in the morning at central European time, so it was late. But I woke up at around 7:00 on the new time zone, so that is 9:00 back home. I thought I will sleep longer, but it seems that was all the sleep I needed. I had some free time because of that, so I went through the brochures in my cabin, to learn more about the ship and the following cruises. On one of the papers there was a quote: “Some people dream their dreams, others stay awake and live them.” That sentence really made me think and I realized that I tried to live my dreams for so long, and now it is actually happening, or at least it seems so.
Then I met with the videographer that I will be replacing and I followed her around when she was filming. Of course I know how to make videos, but I had to learn a little bit what to shoot on these cruises. Since this was a day at sea, we had to film some events and activities on board. There was some game with small balls and to me that was quite funny, because the ship is constantly moving and the balls aren’t really going in right directions. The darts were quite “normal”, considering the waves. Then we went on the top deck to film some golf that is actually more like a mini golf. But that was a lot of fun for me, because it was my first time on the top deck and it was sunny and quite warm! There was an ocean all around us and it did feel a little bit surreal…
And the big surprise (for me) with the events – the dolphin races… Sounds interesting, I know. I had no idea what that is. Now I do… =) There are like wooden statues in a shape of dolphins and you need a player for every statue. The statues are quite big, so the player stands behind it and actually moves with it. The game master then throws the dice and whichever number is up, that player needs to move one field further (there is like a board with fields on the ground). To me, seeing this game for the first time was really funny. The team leading the whole event sure knows how to make it attractive and fun. I have to tell my mom about this game, this will be like an extreme sport for her. =)
I have to admit, I love this experience so far, but I really have to get used to the waves. Usually I don’t get sea sickness, but this time I am on the ship for much longer then I am used to and on bigger waves. I just feel a little dizzy most of the time, especially when I don’t sit down for few hours. It happened to me that I felt sick for a moment, so I just had to sit down and let it pass. Luckily I was ok and there was no dirty ending… =) But I’m sure I’ll get used to it sooner or later. At the moment I am just happy for every free moment that I can sit down or get in my room to lie down for a while. It helps a lot. I feel kind of bad that I am not outside enjoying the sun on the deck, but I really need to get used to all this. I am sure I’ll have enough time for the deck and the sun in next few months.
Oh, and I really need to mention the people. I know I’ve only been here for two days now, but I already met many people. The staff and the guests are all very nice and they are all willing to say few words with you. I am sure there will be some bad experiences along the way, but for now I can only say that I have never been surrounded by so many nice people.


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