From Ljubljana to Frankfurt

If anyone was not sure where I am and why there are no new blog posts (again…) – it’s because I got a job. I will be a video operator and photographer on a cruise ship for the next few months. So this blog will probably be a little more abandoned, it depends how much time will I have to write something and if I will be able to get an internet connection anywhere.

To me, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, because I love to travel and I always wanted to travel, but at the same time I really wanted to take photos and make videos. When this opportunity came, I just had to take it, even though it was quite hard decision. Even if you really want to go, there are people that will be left behind and you know in advance that you will miss them like crazy sooner or later. But in my heart I knew from the start that I must at least try.

I just got this job offer on Friday, 28. December and today it was already my departure, so I only had few days to buy my uniform, new shoes, get my passport and pass the medical tests… So many things could have gone wrong, but none did! Everything went smoothly, I even got discounts on all the needed clothes and shoes, and if I needed five shirts, they had exactly five shirts and so on… I needed 80cm of some fabric for some dress, and when I went to the shop, they had exactly 80cm of that fabric… Maybe these were the signs this job was really meant to be…

So here I am. My first day away from home. I had a flight from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Frankfurt, Germany. This was my first time travelling (or at least flying) alone and it was super exciting, but a little bit scary at the same time. It was hard to say hello to my family and when I walked inside the airplane emotions took over and I thought I will start crying, but I managed to keep it together. So now I’m in Frankfurt, leaving to La Palma in Canary Islands tomorrow. I guess this is a start of a new adventure and I can’t even start describing how happy I am for this opportunity, no matter what happens.

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