Soteska Predaselj

Gorge Predaselj, or in Slovene soteska Predaselj, is a beautiful place that is very easy to get to, but on the other hand most people probably never find it. It is not that it is hard to find it, it just isn’t very well known and there are not many signposts that would help you. The worst thing is probably that I live quite close and I’ve been in Kamniška Bistrica probably at least once per year, but I always passed this place until now. Well, I think I’ve been in this gorge before, but it must have been about 15 years ago or so.
It was about time to visit this place and so we went for a walk along river Kamniška Bistrica, from the bridge above the gorge, to the bridge that is next to a restaurant (or a bar, I’m not sure what they offer) and back again. It was a great trip for hot Saturday afternoon, because the air there is much more fresh.
So if you have a chance go and check the gorge Predaselj yourself, I am sure you would like it. =)

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