Apartments for sale – Lj, Kersnikova

Today I was taking photos of some apartments that are for sale in Ljubljana. At the moment these aren’t actually apartments, but the whole space on 2nd floor was used as an office space with few larger and few smaller rooms. New plan now is to make few renovations and get four apartments out of it.
The place is really nice actually. It isn’t very old, though it is logical that new wall paint and some renovations will be necessary, since the whole purpose of the place will be different. Beside that the biggest plus is the location. This building is right off the main street in Ljubljana, it is around the corner of the most important city bus station, it is 500m away from the main bus and train station. In the other direction it is 500m away from city center and in another direction it is 500m away from Tivoli, the largest park in Ljubljana. So let’s be honest, it’s hard to get more convenient location than this.
I was excited to take some photos, though it was a bit weird taking photos of empty spaces. Since I had very limited time for photographing I had to be fast and in this case empty spaces were really useful, because I didn’t have to worry about staging and moving things around.
So here are the photos.


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