Bogenšperk castle inside and outside

After a while we finally got some nicer and a bit more stable weather, so it was a great opportunity for a short trip. Well why not Bogenšperk castle one more time, since I said I want to return with my SLR camera.
This time we also went for a tour inside the castle. We could have a guided tour, but we decided we would prefer to walk on our own so I was able to take photos without people jumping in front of my camera and without any time limit. It was such an interesting experience seeing a tour guide opening the castle door with giant iron key, though I am a bit sorry now that I didn’t notice it a bit earlier and I didn’t take a photo of that. But hey, if you visit the place yourself you might see it.
Anyway, inside of the castle you have different rooms with different themes. One is dedicated to Bogenšperk ownership history from the first to last owners, including very famous Janez Vajkard Valvasor (Johann Weichard Valvasor). He is very important for Slovenian and party even European history and cartography when it comes to 17th century. There is also a room dedicated to British Royal Society in which Valvasor was selected to be a member. There are rooms dedicated to cartography and its equipment, an old machine for making graphics, and some other rooms Valvasor used for writing his books and creating graphics.
Probably the most famous room in Bogenšperk is the library, which now serves mostly as a wedding venue. It is pretty amazing. We were told that the ceiling, the floor and the huge book closet along the wall are the only original pieces left in the castle. They are there since the castle was built, everything else was brought in or renovated as the time passed by.
The tickets are really cheap and affordable if you ask me. Only 3€ for students and 4€ for adults, and I think that for castle or history lovers this money will be well spent.
Anyway, some new photos of Bogenšperk castle, this time taken with my SLR (though I admit, I could use a bit more time with focus and aperture this time…).


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