Bogenšperk castle with my mobile phone

So it happened… I went to some awesome place and I didn’t have my camera with me, just my mobile phone that doesn’t really have a great camera. But at the end I think in general photos are ok, just image quality is poor. Now I have a reason to return with my dSLR camera and make better photos.
Anyway, this was my first time to this castle and we really didn’t plan this trip, we just randomly decided to go there when we were already in a car. I knew this castle was renovated and that it looked nice, but when I’ve seen it myself I was surprised because this castle is truly amazing if you ask me. It is gorgeous, everything is so well done, grass is like that British green lawn that everyone loves, surrounding park is clean and in general everything is as some great lord would still live there. I can imagine weddings there must be really amazing.
For now, only few photos, but I’m sure I’ll write more about it and post more photos when I will re-visit the location. =)


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